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quisp(freshmeat) quisp QUISP (quick server pages) is a simple system f... Télécharger
zsi(freshmeat) Zolera SOAP Infrastructure ZSI, the Zolera SOAP Infrastructure, is a pure-... Télécharger
mycgisession(freshmeat) MyCGISession MyCGISessions is a session management library f... Télécharger
batalho(freshmeat) Batalhão Batalhão is a game in which you have to pilot a... Télécharger
distribulator(freshmeat) The Distribulator The Distribulator is an SSH-based command execu... Télécharger
logilogi(freshmeat) LogiLogi LogiLogi is a system comparable to the Wiki ide... Télécharger
scansreader(freshmeat) scansreader Scansreader is a simple scanned document viewer... Télécharger
mediarchiver(freshmeat) médiArchiver médiArchiver is a media archiver. It can be use... Télécharger
sitemapper(freshmeat) sitemapper sitemapper.pl is a simple perl script which gen... Télécharger
tcron(freshmeat) tcron tcron integrates 'cron' with the ATX power-up ... Télécharger
jsdb(freshmeat) Javascript DB Javascript DB is a minimal database engine tha... Télécharger
game(freshmeat) GAME GAME (Geometrical Ascii Multigame Environment) ... Télécharger
calimba(freshmeat) CALimba CALimba is an application to manage your calend... Télécharger
webkoffer(freshmeat) WebKoffer WebKoffer is a Content Management System that i... Télécharger
samba-console(freshmeat) Samba Console Samba Console is a Web management console for S... Télécharger
relipmoc(freshmeat) relipmoC relipmoC is a translator that converts i386 ass... Télécharger
nagios-console(freshmeat) Nagios Console Nagios Console is a Web interface for Nagios. I... Télécharger
syslogextract(freshmeat) Syslog Extract Syslog Extract is a program that extracts syslo... Télécharger
gef(freshmeat) GEF GEF is a graph editing library that can be used... Télécharger
uoamhub(freshmeat) uoamhub uoamhub is a dedicated server for UOAutoMap. UO... Télécharger
simplemod(freshmeat) simplemod simplemod is a minimalistic module player. It w... Télécharger
ralbum(freshmeat) RAlbum RAlbum is a Web-based photo gallery. It can rea... Télécharger
confluence_sdl(freshmeat) Confluence System Design Language Confluence is a functional programming language... Télécharger
dancer-services(freshmeat) Dancer IRC Services Dancer IRC Services is a services package writt... Télécharger
sr-convert(freshmeat) sr-convert sr-convert is a sample-rate conversion utility ... Télécharger
mp3riot(freshmeat) mp3riot mp3riot (formerly known as f2html.pl) is a comm... Télécharger
nio(freshmeat) nio nio is a C++ framework for writing Internet Pro... Télécharger
othersync(freshmeat) OtheRSync OtheRSync is a program for the automatic, effic... Télécharger
gunther(freshmeat) Gunther Gunther allows the owner to create, manage, and... Télécharger
lescegra(freshmeat) lescegra Lescegra is an object-oriented 3D graphics engi... Télécharger
londonlaw(freshmeat) London Law London Law is an online multi-player adaptatio... Télécharger
zgv(freshmeat) zgv zgv is a full-featured, svgalib-based picture v... Télécharger
pswapd(freshmeat) Swapd "Swapd" is a daemon that watches free... Télécharger
foxcommander(freshmeat) foXcommander foXcommander is a file manager in the spirit of... Télécharger
foxcontrol(freshmeat) foXcontrol foXcontrol is foXdesktop's control center (simi... Télécharger
foxcontrol-desktop(freshmeat) foXcontrol-desktop foXcontrol-desktop is a set of components (i.e.... Télécharger
danpei(freshmeat) Danpei Danpei is a GTK+ based image viewer. It allows ... Télécharger
sshcmd(freshmeat) sshcmd Sshcmd is an small Python-script for ExpectPy t... Télécharger
foxdesktop-mimetypes(freshmeat) foXdesktop-mimetypes foXdesktop-mimetypes contains two foXdesktop co... Télécharger
foxman(freshmeat) foXman foXman is foXdesktop's man page viewer. Télécharger
mod-dirsize(freshmeat) mod_dirsize mod_dirsize is an Apache module to calculate th... Télécharger
vxargs(freshmeat) vxargs vxargs provides parallel versions of any arbitr... Télécharger
root-portal(freshmeat) Root-Portal Based on root-tail, Root-Portal allows you to l... Télécharger
dbman(freshmeat) dbMan dbMan is a complex SQL monitor for common datab... Télécharger
freepop(freshmeat) FreePop FreePop is a multi-platform isotile-based game ... Télécharger
dnsmax(freshmeat) DNSMax DNSMax is a dynamic DNS update client for the D... Télécharger
tvib(freshmeat) TV in a box TV in a box is an applet that adds a small TV t... Télécharger
imageisometric(freshmeat) Image_Isometric Image_Isometric is a package for rendering isom... Télécharger
rq4gen(freshmeat) rq4gen rq4gen is a tool for generating player characte... Télécharger
kimdaba2mysql(freshmeat) Kimdaba2Mysql Kimdaba2Mysql is a small Python script that doe... Télécharger
moinx(freshmeat) MoinX MoinX is a MacOS X desktop Wiki, built with eas... Télécharger
sdljava(freshmeat) sdljava sdljava is a Java binding for the SDL API. It p... Télécharger
hedgehog(freshmeat) Hedgehog Hedgehog is a very concise implementation of a ... Télécharger
sbdd(freshmeat) Secure Back Door Secure Back Door (SBD) is a tool that provides ... Télécharger
hygrosens(freshmeat) Hygrosens Python Library Hygrosens Python Library is a Python library fo... Télécharger
imageim(freshmeat) ImageIM ImageIM is a plugin for Gaim that lets buddies ... Télécharger
jiveaudio(freshmeat) JiveAudio JiveAudio is a multimedia plugin for Mozilla/Ne... Télécharger
rconftool(freshmeat) rconftool rconftool is a reimplementation of Sam Varshavc... Télécharger
rdiffbackupweb(freshmeat) rdiff-backup-web rdiff-backup-web is a PHP-based front-end to si... Télécharger
xystray(freshmeat) Xystray Xystray is a simple implementation of the freed... Télécharger
fbrowse(freshmeat) fbrowse fbrowse is a Web-based file browser. It support... Télécharger
ntpv(freshmeat) nTPV nTPV is a point of sale (POS) system. Although ... Télécharger
fw1-loggrabber(freshmeat) FW1-Loggrabber FW1-Loggrabber is a simple LEA (Log Export API)... Télécharger
rc-shape(freshmeat) Shaper Super-Script Shaper Super-Script is a bash script that uses ... Télécharger
wpd(freshmeat) WPD WPD is a daemon for Linux to allow easy managem... Télécharger
bsax-j(freshmeat) BSAX-J While the author of BSAX-J has not yet come to ... Télécharger
beatrix(freshmeat) BeatrIX Linux BeatrIX Linux is a 180-megabyte live CD that is... Télécharger
knetworkconf(freshmeat) KNetworkConf KNetworkConf is a KDE Control Center module to ... Télécharger
brutalfm(freshmeat) Brutal File Manager BFM (Brutal Filemanager) is a mixture between a... Télécharger
openamf(freshmeat) OpenAMF The OpenAMF Project is an open-source alternati... Télécharger
mysqllockerphp(freshmeat) Mysql Locker Mysql Locker encapsulates MySQL locks and ensur... Télécharger
lspk(freshmeat) Lasso Service Provider Kit Lasso Service Provider Kit is a "Kit"... Télécharger
etpan(freshmeat) etPan! etPan! is a console mail user agent based on li... Télécharger
nullgroupware(freshmeat) NullLogic Groupware NullLogic Groupware is a modular Web-based grou... Télécharger
mod_sql_sdb(freshmeat) mod_sql_sdb This module allows Proftpd to authenticate user... Télécharger
nebula-irc(freshmeat) Nebula IRC Nebula IRC is a small and lean IRC client writt... Télécharger
tub(freshmeat) tub tub is a user-mode tool to support large dynami... Télécharger
vegadns(freshmeat) VegaDNS VegaDNS is a tinydns administration tool to all... Télécharger
chisel(freshmeat) chisel Chisel is a semantic cache framework for Java. ... Télécharger
unsort(freshmeat) unsort Unsort is the inverse of 'sort': it randomizes ... Télécharger
pyzeroconf(freshmeat) Multicast DNS Service Discovery for Python This project is a full implementation of the Ze... Télécharger
mozcc(freshmeat) mozCC mozCC is an extension for browsers which are ba... Télécharger
reports(freshmeat) RTK::Report ToolKit RTK is a toolkit to create reports from differe... Télécharger
klogview(freshmeat) klogview klogview is a KDE real-time log file viewer, li... Télécharger
elhttp(freshmeat) elhttp Elhttp is a very light HTTP proxy server, mostl... Télécharger
slideprojector(freshmeat) SlideProjector SlideProjector is a GUI program meant to prepar... Télécharger
networkcontrol(freshmeat) NetworkControl NetworkControl is a utility to control and mon... Télécharger
activedblib(freshmeat) ActiveDBLib ActiveDBLib is a PHP class to access MySQL or o... Télécharger
signalgen(freshmeat) SignalGen SignalGen is a GUI program that generates relat... Télécharger
boxit(freshmeat) BOXit BOXit is a small logic game in which you must c... Télécharger
device-serialport(freshmeat) Device::SerialPort Device::SerialPort is a Perl interface to the P... Télécharger
gqradio(freshmeat) GQradio GQradio interfaces with FM radio cards through ... Télécharger
yarrs(freshmeat) Yet Another Rio Receiver Server YARRS is (yet another) Unix-based server for th... Télécharger
yeemp(freshmeat) Yeemp Encrypted Messaging Program Yeemp is a decentralized instant messaging syst... Télécharger
gevas(freshmeat) gevas gevas is a GTK+ widget that wraps Evas. gevas ... Télécharger
gsystem7(freshmeat) gSystem7 The gSystem7 project is an attempt to bring the... Télécharger
keyd(freshmeat) keyd keyd is a daemon that enables multimedia keys. ... Télécharger
palm-fe(freshmeat) Palm Pilot Functional Emulator Palm Pilot Functional Emulator (Palm-FE) is a W... Télécharger
bulkwatch(freshmeat) BulkWatch BulkWatch is a utility that monitors sendmail's... Télécharger
xscrollemu(freshmeat) xscrollemu xscrollemu is a program that emulates the behav... Télécharger

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