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elist(freshmeat) Elist Elist implements a cyclic C++ list for non-copy... Télécharger
xes(freshmeat) XML Encoded Source XML Encoded Source is a tool that encodes sourc... Télécharger
viper-toolkit(freshmeat) Video Performance Evaluation Resource The Video Performance Evaluation Resource (ViPE... Télécharger
uihierarchy(freshmeat) UIHierarchy The UIHierarchy library aims to simplify the de... Télécharger
ht_imview(freshmeat) Hugues Image Viewer Hugues Image Viewer is an image viewing and im... Télécharger
pvmgmake(freshmeat) PVM Gmake PVM Gmake is a GNU make which uses PVM to build... Télécharger
simplegui(freshmeat) SimpleGUI Support Module SimpleGUI Support Module is a simple GUI widget... Télécharger
pinghealth(freshmeat) The PING Personally Controlled Health Record PING is a distributed, Web-based, personally co... Télécharger
planetexpress(freshmeat) Planet Express Planet Express is a feed aggregator. It support... Télécharger
autodepend(freshmeat) Autodepend AutoDepend keeps track of all files accessed d... Télécharger
gofoto(freshmeat) GOFoto GOFoto is an appliaction for managing large col... Télécharger
nacctsql(freshmeat) netacct-mysql Netacct-mysql is modified version of traffic ac... Télécharger
mysqmail-postfix-logger(freshmeat) mysqmail-postfix-logger mysqmail-postfix-logger is a (very small) daemo... Télécharger
kstereoscope(freshmeat) KStereoScope KStereoScope is a simple OpenGL quad-buffered s... Télécharger
netlcdclient(freshmeat) netlcdclient netlcdclient is a client for LCDproc. It shows ... Télécharger
jmxdump(freshmeat) JMXDump JMXDump enables (read-only) command-line access... Télécharger
antinstaller(freshmeat) AntInstaller AntInstaller is a flexible front end for deploy... Télécharger
constrict(freshmeat) Constrict Constrict is a Python library for parsing DNS m... Télécharger
pgsqlformac(freshmeat) PostgreSQL Installer pgsqlformac is a collection of GUI tools and in... Télécharger
pddpd(freshmeat) The Pluggable Distibuted Data Processing Daemon The PDDPd allows creation of a customized syste... Télécharger
cxbsdiff(freshmeat) cx_bsdiff cx_bsdiff is a very simple Python extension mod... Télécharger
cxxchecker(freshmeat) cxxchecker - C++ source-code style checker cxxchecker scans C++ source files and checks fo... Télécharger
bmp-itouch(freshmeat) bmp-itouch bmp-itouch is a Beep Media Player plugin that a... Télécharger
selinux(freshmeat) NSA Security-enhanced Linux NSA Security-enhanced Linux is a set of patches... Télécharger
autocrypt(freshmeat) autocrypt autocrypt is a udev/hotplug script that allows ... Télécharger
freebaser(freshmeat) freebaser freebaser is collection of Free database applic... Télécharger
debsync(freshmeat) DebSync DebSync is a Python command line tool which hel... Télécharger
abstractdb(freshmeat) AbstractDB AbstractDB is a database abstraction layer, ob... Télécharger
xslfo2pdf(freshmeat) xslfo2pdf xslfo2pdf translates XSL-FO and inline SVG to P... Télécharger
molevolve(freshmeat) Molevolve Molevolve is a library for running a genetic al... Télécharger
mc(freshmeat) MusicControl MusicControl is designed to put you in control ... Télécharger
xmmspitchplugin(freshmeat) XMMS PITCH plugin This is a simple pitch control plugin for xmms. Télécharger
denu(freshmeat) Denu Denu is a portage-based menu generator/editor f... Télécharger
ses-ppts(freshmeat) Project Planning and Tracking System PPTS is a WEB environment supporting the agile ... Télécharger
phpxplorer(freshmeat) phpXplorer phpXplorer is an file management system and exp... Télécharger
rcalc(freshmeat) rcalc rcalc is a fast and light symbolic calculator f... Télécharger
chatty(freshmeat) Chatty :) Chatty :) is a script that lets you create a si... Télécharger
lal(freshmeat) lal lal is a clock for the dock. It is a very simpl... Télécharger
deadmini(freshmeat) DeadMini DeadMini is a modular Linux distribution built ... Télécharger
hatx(freshmeat) HaTx HaTx is a script intended for adding diacritic ... Télécharger
refererlogger(freshmeat) referer logger referer logger is a simple statistic system wri... Télécharger
gsetroot(freshmeat) gsetroot gsetroot is a GUI front-end for Esetroot. It ca... Télécharger
deb-install(freshmeat) deb-install deb-install is a command line tool that can ins... Télécharger
doekaki(freshmeat) Dormando's Oekaki clone Dormando's Oekaki clone is a server software r... Télécharger
callbackext(freshmeat) Extended C++ Callback Library Extended C++ Callback Library provides functors... Télécharger
phptalext(freshmeat) PHPTalExt PHPTalExt is a PHP extension that provides nati... Télécharger
ghronos(freshmeat) Ghronos Ghronos is a gaming clock. Features include har... Télécharger
mrtg-parse(freshmeat) MRTG::Parse MRTG::Parse is a Perl extension that enables it... Télécharger
trafflogger(freshmeat) trafflogger trafflogger is a conf-based traffic logger. All... Télécharger
triamp(freshmeat) triamp triamp is simple music manager and player that ... Télécharger
clean(freshmeat) Clean Programming Language Clean Programming Language is a general purpose... Télécharger
nmaplr(freshmeat) nmaplr nmaplr is an nmap log reporting tool which prin... Télécharger
jini-dlm(freshmeat) JINI Distributed Lock Manager JINI Distributed Lock Manager is a fault-tolera... Télécharger
accent(freshmeat) Accent compiler compiler Accent is a compiler compiler that does not rel... Télécharger
gdxlib(freshmeat) GDXlib GDXlib is a graphical X tool kit for creating g... Télécharger
cocom(freshmeat) Cocom Cocom is a toolset that is oriented towards the... Télécharger
xtc4java(freshmeat) xtc4java xtc4java is a library consisting of a Java byte... Télécharger
mc4j(freshmeat) MC4J MC4J provides a rich management interface to Ja... Télécharger
cgicache(freshmeat) CGI::Cache CGI::Cache caches output of time-intensive CGI ... Télécharger
bzbyte(freshmeat) BZbyte Reports BZbyte Reports is a reliable and easy-to-use re... Télécharger
gentleccs(freshmeat) Gentle Compiler Construction System Gentle is the first compiler construction syste... Télécharger
elaw(freshmeat) eLawOffice.it eLawOffice is a program to manage lawyers' acti... Télécharger
projectadmin(freshmeat) ProjectAdmin ProjectAdmin is a flexible, modular system that... Télécharger
perltw(freshmeat) PerlTW Linux Tradewars Helper PerlTW is a Linux-based Tradewars Helper. It on... Télécharger
logpot(freshmeat) LogPot LogPot is a simple IRC logging bot. It supports... Télécharger
diet-agents(freshmeat) DIET Agents DIET Agents is a multi-agent platform in Java. ... Télécharger
wuhkag(freshmeat) Wuhkag wuhkag is a Web application for evaluating Web ... Télécharger
ping(freshmeat) Ping Ping is the official tennis simulator of the US... Télécharger
snapplatform(freshmeat) SNAP Platform SNAP Platform is a development toolkit that pac... Télécharger
containarray(freshmeat) ContainArray ContainArray is a set of multi-dimensional arra... Télécharger
portfolyo(freshmeat) Portfolyo Portfolyo is a Web-based tool for professionals... Télécharger
libgxx(freshmeat) libg++ libg++ is the C++ library used before libstdc++... Télécharger
octave-gtk(freshmeat) Octave GTK Octave GTK+ is a set of GTK+ bindings for Octav... Télécharger
jert(freshmeat) JavaEye Reporting Tool JavaEye Reporting Tool is a Web-based database ... Télécharger
vee(freshmeat) Visual Effects Engine Visual Effects Engine is a powerful particle sy... Télécharger
macvenmap(freshmeat) MAC vendor check MAC vendor check is a script that gathers MAC a... Télécharger
pgasync(freshmeat) pgasync pgasync is an asynchronous, twisted-based Postg... Télécharger
ldmud(freshmeat) LDMud LDMud is an LP-class MUD engine, meaning it is ... Télécharger
mpeg2info(freshmeat) mpeg2info mpeg2info is a tool to check the contents of an... Télécharger
lsh(freshmeat) lsh lsh is a GNU GPL-licensed implementation of the... Télécharger
llrbh(freshmeat) llrb.h llrb.h is an iterative implementation of Robert... Télécharger
burn_(freshmeat) Burn until recorded now! Burn (burn until recorded now!) is a simple com... Télécharger
wilma-indexer(freshmeat) Wilma Wilma is a program for quickly finding text lur... Télécharger
silk-project(freshmeat) Silk Collaboration Server Silk is a general purpose, Web centric, enterpr... Télécharger
revratio(freshmeat) RevRatio Revratio is a software package which assists a ... Télécharger
lucidium(freshmeat) Lucidium Application Platform Lucidium is an application development environm... Télécharger
onyx(freshmeat) Onyx Onyx is a powerful stack-based, multi-threaded,... Télécharger
skprod(freshmeat) SkProd SkProd provides a way of building binary data f... Télécharger
htmltools(freshmeat) HTMLTools HTMLTools is a set of Python tools to fetch and... Télécharger
2(freshmeat) 2/OS 2 is a graphic operating system which can execu... Télécharger
patchwork(freshmeat) Patchwork PatchWork is a Web-based patch tracking system ... Télécharger
wget_queue(freshmeat) Wget Queue Wget Queue is a wrapper script for queueing dow... Télécharger
yarssr(freshmeat) Yet Another RSS Reader Yet Another RSS Reader is an RSS aggregator and... Télécharger
sesoma(freshmeat) sesoma sesoma is a daemon that allows you to build a v... Télécharger
turkix(freshmeat) TURKIX Turkix is a Mandrake-based live Linux distribut... Télécharger
utrac(freshmeat) Universal Text Recognizer and Converter The Universal Text Recognizer and Converter (Ut... Télécharger
vlogger(freshmeat) vlogger vlogger is a logger daemon for Apache. It will ... Télécharger
pcjbot(freshmeat) PCJBot PCJBot is a Jabber bot written in Perl with PCJ... Télécharger
stahlfaust(freshmeat) Stahlfaust Stahlfaust is an artificial intelligence player... Télécharger
makebootfat(freshmeat) makebootfat makebootfat is a tool to make bootable USB disk... Télécharger

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