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libencio(freshmeat) libencio libencio is a library providing a stdio-like in... Télécharger
hotwayd(freshmeat) Hotwayd Hotwayd is a POP3/SMTP to HTTPMail (WebDAV) gat... Télécharger
easexml(freshmeat) EaseXML EaseXML (previously known as XMLObject) is an o... Télécharger
endecode(freshmeat) Xephyrus EndeCode Library Xephyrus EndeCode Library is a Java library whi... Télécharger
tclircd(freshmeat) The Tcl IRCd The Tcl IRCd is a small IRC server written in T... Télécharger
matrox-tvout(freshmeat) Matrox G550 TV output Matrox G550 TV output is a tool to configure a ... Télécharger
qconfirm(freshmeat) qconfirm qconfirm is an implementation of a delivery co... Télécharger
reorganize4l(freshmeat) ReOrganize4L ReOrganize4L is a tool for rearranging the file... Télécharger
iberagents(freshmeat) IberAgents The IberAgents platform is a framework for comp... Télécharger
radiomanjava(freshmeat) RadioMan Java RadioMan Java is an interface to the RadioMan, ... Télécharger
abrick(freshmeat) Abandoned Bricks Abandoned Bricks is a Tetris clone where bricks... Télécharger
moltiblock(freshmeat) moltiblock moltiblock is a user-space plugin for netfilter... Télécharger
mobileuseragent(freshmeat) MobileUserAgent MobileUserAgent is a PHP class which parses use... Télécharger
glademm(freshmeat) glade-- glade-- (glademm) is a C++ backend for glade, t... Télécharger
zebraworkflow(freshmeat) Zebra Workflow Engine Zebra is a workflow engine that is designed to ... Télécharger
buildaudit(freshmeat) Build Audit Build Audit is a tool that allows users to audi... Télécharger
showlister(freshmeat) showlister Showlister is a really simple content managemen... Télécharger
ygma(freshmeat) Yahoo Group Mail Archiver Yahoo Group Mail Archiver (YGMA) is a Java libr... Télécharger
struts(freshmeat) Struts Struts is a Jakarta project that provides a J2E... Télécharger
streamlister(freshmeat) streamlister Streamlister is a program that clones the funct... Télécharger
ift(freshmeat) IFT IFT (Instrument Flight Trainer) is a small flig... Télécharger
partgenerator(freshmeat) 2D CAD Parts Generator 2D CAD Parts Generator generates macros for dra... Télécharger
gdvrecv(freshmeat) gdvrecv gdvrecv is a set of FreeBSD tools for receiving... Télécharger
pdumpfs(freshmeat) pdumpfs pdumpfs is a simple daily backup system similar... Télécharger
albert-cache(freshmeat) AlberT-cache AlberT-cache is a fast and portable full-page c... Télécharger
namazu(freshmeat) Namazu Namazu is a full-text search system intended fo... Télécharger
ndoclet(freshmeat) NDoclet NDoclet is a free doclet for Javadoc that gener... Télécharger
khtb(freshmeat) KHTB KHtb is a GUI for the htb.init script with XML ... Télécharger
kball(freshmeat) KBall KBall is a game of skill and reflexes suitable ... Télécharger
cgprof(freshmeat) cgprof cgprof generates colored graphs for profiled ex... Télécharger
copyfs(freshmeat) CopyFS CopyFS aims to solve a common problem. Given a ... Télécharger
poker3d(freshmeat) Poker 3D poker3d is a poker server and client. The clien... Télécharger
noarp(freshmeat) MasarLabs NoArp MasarLabs NoArp is a Linux kernel module that f... Télécharger
imnarrator(freshmeat) im_narrator im_narrator provides text-to-speech and speech-... Télécharger
cwtutor(freshmeat) CwTutor CwTutor is a Morse tutor supporting the Koch an... Télécharger
axiom(freshmeat) Axiom Axiom is a general purpose computer algebra sys... Télécharger
ext_shapelib(freshmeat) ext_shapelib ext_shapelib is a PHP extension which provides ... Télécharger
cvstrac(freshmeat) CVSTrac CVSTrac implements a low-ceremony Web-based bug... Télécharger
spammergrok(freshmeat) spammergrok Spammergrok is a script that extracts URLs from... Télécharger
simkin(freshmeat) Simkin Simkin is a scripting language for Java/XML. Si... Télécharger
simkinforc(freshmeat) Simkin for C++ Simkin is a simple scripting language that can ... Télécharger
php_tags(freshmeat) phptags The phptags utility makes a tags file from the ... Télécharger
qtpoveditor(freshmeat) QTPov Editor QTPov Editor is a Povray SDL editor. It feature... Télécharger
rootlinux(freshmeat) ROOT GNU/Linux ROOT Linux is an advanced GNU/Linux operating ... Télécharger
scuba_table_nodeco(freshmeat) SCUBA::Table::NoDeco SCUBA::Table::NoDeco provides the ability to pe... Télécharger
gubby(freshmeat) Gubby Gubby keeps track of changes in your procmail l... Télécharger
pynamicd(freshmeat) PynamicD PynamicD is a client/server interface for manip... Télécharger
fortune4all(freshmeat) Fortune4All Fortune4All is a fortune teller that comes with... Télécharger
xdesktopwaves(freshmeat) xdesktopwaves xdesktopwaves is a cellular automata which sets... Télécharger
zengarden(freshmeat) Zen Garden Zen Garden is a tool that watches over the ins... Télécharger
jc_cmdline(freshmeat) JChassis Rule-Based Command Line Parser JChassis Rule-Based Command Line Parser is a t... Télécharger
mcb_simpleserver(freshmeat) Simple Server Simple Server provides an interface for impleme... Télécharger
ieee1284java(freshmeat) ieee1284java ieee1284java is a Java library for accessing t... Télécharger
ogle_remote(freshmeat) ogle_remote ogle_remote is a program to control the Ogle pl... Télécharger
proxyview(freshmeat) ProxyView ProxyView is a simple proxy server which relays... Télécharger
ktcpvs(freshmeat) Kernel TCP Virtual Server Kernel TCP Virtual Server is a Layer-7 switchin... Télécharger
pyqlogger(freshmeat) PyQLogger PyQLogger is QT-based GUI for managing your blo... Télécharger
wxsftp(freshmeat) wxSFTP wxSFTP aims to be a simple, easy-to-use, and po... Télécharger
vrcon(freshmeat) Vrcon Vrcon is a Curses-based rcon utility that allow... Télécharger
vsound-unix(freshmeat) vsound vsound allows you to record the output of any ... Télécharger
cleansweep(freshmeat) cleansweep cleansweep is a set of scripts that help you cl... Télécharger
alco(freshmeat) Apache Log Colorizing Tool Apache Log Colorizing Tool (Alco) is a script f... Télécharger
testify(freshmeat) testify testify is meant to be a test suite for any kin... Télécharger
imap-purge(freshmeat) imap-purge imap-purge is a little tool that automatically ... Télécharger
autovol(freshmeat) autovol autovol is a program that automatically adjusts... Télécharger
phpformmail(freshmeat) PHPFormMail PHPFormMail is a universal WWW form to e-mail g... Télécharger
regexpviewer(freshmeat) regexpviewer regexpviewer is a simple GUI for trying out reg... Télécharger
apwal(freshmeat) Apwal Apwal is a simple application launcher. It disp... Télécharger
jaxe(freshmeat) Jaxe Jaxe is a Java XML editor with a graphical docu... Télécharger
pgmemcache(freshmeat) pgmemcache pgmemcache is a PostgreSQL interface to memcach... Télécharger
otpcalc(freshmeat) otpCalc otpCalc generates one time passwords for respon... Télécharger
nget(freshmeat) nget nget is a commandline NNTP file grabber. It aut... Télécharger
xmi2svg(freshmeat) xmi2svg xmi2svg is an XSLT stylesheet for creating SVG ... Télécharger
afbackup(freshmeat) afbackup afbackup is a client-server backup system allow... Télécharger
asterisk-oh323(freshmeat) asterisk-oh323 asterisk-oh323 adds H.323 support to the ASTERI... Télécharger
streamtuner(freshmeat) streamtuner streamtuner is a stream directory browser. Thro... Télécharger
fh-unget(freshmeat) FileHandle::Unget FileHandle::Unget is a Perl module which is a d... Télécharger
olsr(freshmeat) Hipercom Optimized Link State Routing Optimized Link State Routing is one of several ... Télécharger
gestpaycryptphp(freshmeat) GestPayCrypt-PHP GestPayCrypt-PHP is an implementation in PHP of... Télécharger
photocomments(freshmeat) Photo Comments Photo Comments is a tool for converting between... Télécharger
mioga2-portal(freshmeat) Mioga2::Portal Mioga2::Portal is a Portal application for Miog... Télécharger
jtgl(freshmeat) Java Tiny Gfx Library Java Tiny Gfx Library (JTGL) is a graphic found... Télécharger
libbsb(freshmeat) libbsb libbsb is a C library for reading and writing B... Télécharger
jc_depend(freshmeat) JChassis Dependency API JChassis Dependency API is an API for represent... Télécharger
nefu(freshmeat) nefu nefu (network fidelity utility) is a Unix daemo... Télécharger
jazz(freshmeat) Jazz Jazz is an application server and client that i... Télécharger
leaguesite(freshmeat) LeagueSite LeagueSite is a PHPWebSite module that adds ros... Télécharger
wmfscpos(freshmeat) wmfscpos wmfscpos is a wmaker dockapp which displays the... Télécharger
bstring(freshmeat) Better String Library The Better String Library is an abstraction of ... Télécharger
aburatan(freshmeat) Abura Tan Abura Tan is a Rogue-like adventure game of cow... Télécharger
job-scheduler(freshmeat) job-scheduler job-scheduler gives users several options for s... Télécharger
wmsensormon(freshmeat) Wmsensormon Wmsensormon is a dockapp for Window Maker that ... Télécharger
fsproxy(freshmeat) FSP Proxy FSP Proxy is a proxy server for FSP to HTTP/1.0... Télécharger
pumpservlet(freshmeat) PumpServlet PumpServlet is a replacement for the standard V... Télécharger
ttywatch(freshmeat) ttywatch ttywatch monitors, logs, and multiplexes termin... Télécharger
inktank(freshmeat) InkTank InkTank is an online library system designed to... Télécharger
phpbibman(freshmeat) PHPBibMan PHPBibMan is a Web-based literature database fo... Télécharger
streamtuned(freshmeat) StreamTuned StreamTuned is a stream player and recorder. It... Télécharger
c2html(freshmeat) c2html C2html is a program which converts C source fil... Télécharger
kpum(freshmeat) Kpum Kpum is a KDE user manager for the pureftpd ser... Télécharger

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