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pyflesch(freshmeat) pyflesch pyflesch is a simple script for calculating a F... Télécharger
sx(freshmeat) SX SX is a graphical 3D geometric object modeller ... Télécharger
mntd(freshmeat) mntd mntd is an automount daemon and shared library ... Télécharger
jblog(freshmeat) Jblog jblog is a graphical interface to publish to an... Télécharger
filerunner(freshmeat) FileRunner FileRunner is a two-pane file manager for Unix.... Télécharger
tsnontsgate(freshmeat) tsnontsgate tsnontsgate serves as a transparent bridge betw... Télécharger
openradius(freshmeat) OpenRADIUS OpenRADIUS is a RADIUS server that allows you t... Télécharger
libgtkmdi(freshmeat) LibGtkMdi LibGtkMdi is a GTK+ library to create and manag... Télécharger
phpldbi(freshmeat) PHP LDBI PHP LDBI is a library to handle local databases... Télécharger
psdim(freshmeat) psdim psdim is a small utility to be used in conjunct... Télécharger
statemenu(freshmeat) StateMenu StateMenu is a popup desktop menu for not only ... Télécharger
libdcraw(freshmeat) libdcraw libdcraw is a C/C++ library to decode and manip... Télécharger
longplayer(freshmeat) LongPlayer LongPlayer extends the functionality of a tradi... Télécharger
hostingbackup(freshmeat) Hosting Backup Hosting Backup is a set if PHP command line scr... Télécharger
xadpam(freshmeat) xadpam XAD is a Linux-PAM module which allows a system... Télécharger
jforum(freshmeat) JForum JForum is complete, powerful, database-independ... Télécharger
krang-rss(freshmeat) Krang RSS Krang RSS is a Krang add-on for generating RSS ... Télécharger
krang-sitemap(freshmeat) Krang SiteMap Krang SiteMap is a Krang add-on for generating ... Télécharger
keepalive(freshmeat) keepalive Powerful yet small, keepalive is a script that ... Télécharger
asca(freshmeat) Adams State College Authenticator ASCA (Adams State College Authenticator) is des... Télécharger
vx-mode(freshmeat) VX-Mode VX-Mode is an interface between XEmacs and Drag... Télécharger
ali(freshmeat) Ali Ali is a simple-to-use C API to parse XML data.... Télécharger
phpdtobject(freshmeat) PHPDtObject PHPDtObject is a set of classes that simplifies... Télécharger
jarin(freshmeat) Jarin Jarin's purpose is to integrate Java libraries ... Télécharger
radspool(freshmeat) RadSpool RadSpool is a daemon which sits between NAS and... Télécharger
autosquidguard(freshmeat) AutoSquidGuard AutoSquidGuard is a script that allows you to c... Télécharger
copyurlplus(freshmeat) Copy URL+ The Copy URL+ extension for Firefox and Mozill... Télécharger
jumplink(freshmeat) JumpLink The Jumplink extension for Mozilla/Firefox allo... Télécharger
cdi2iso(freshmeat) cdi2iso cdi2iso is a very simple utility to convert Dis... Télécharger
meep(freshmeat) MEEP MEEP takes a "versioned" disk to disk... Télécharger
klotski(freshmeat) Klotski Klotski is a brick game where you try to bring ... Télécharger
smsapi(freshmeat) Clickatell SMS API This class allows users to send SMS messages vi... Télécharger
gtksee(freshmeat) GTKSee GTKSee is a GTK+ image viewer and browser with ... Télécharger
tunez(freshmeat) Tunez Tunez is an MP3/Ogg jukebox that works with a v... Télécharger
elitejournal(freshmeat) Elite Journal Elite Journal is a personal online journal (or ... Télécharger
jedstate(freshmeat) jedstate Jedstate is some sort of an extended mind for J... Télécharger
chateverywhere(freshmeat) Chat Everywhere Chat Everywhere is a simple and powerful chat c... Télécharger
wxyzv2(freshmeat) wxyzv2 wxyzv2 is very small image viewer (with minimal... Télécharger
mnogosearch-php(freshmeat) mnoGoSearch-php mnoGoSearch-php is a PHP frontend for the mnoGo... Télécharger
config4all(freshmeat) Config4all Config4all is a class that can load and parse c... Télécharger
fizmezwebserver(freshmeat) Fizmez Web Server The Fizmez Web Server is a small Web server wri... Télécharger
stellarduel(freshmeat) Stellar Duel Stellar Duel is an SVGA space ship game which f... Télécharger
sashenka(freshmeat) sashenka Sashenka is yet another framework for building ... Télécharger
wumi(freshmeat) Wumi Wumi is a sendmail milter using the py-milter. ... Télécharger
mcontrol(freshmeat) mcontrol mcontrol is an ALSA MIDI sequencer client with ... Télécharger
webkom(freshmeat) WebKOM WebKOM is an easy-to-use Web-based client for t... Télécharger
imfavorites(freshmeat) IMMS Magical Favorites Collector IMMS Magical Favorites Collector uses IMMS coll... Télécharger
gtkballs(freshmeat) GtkBalls GtkBalls is a simple but awesome logic game, wh... Télécharger
batchsyncreport(freshmeat) Batch Sync Report Batch Sync Report (BSR) is a Perl script that c... Télécharger
googolizer(freshmeat) Googolizer The Googolizer is a simple product that retriev... Télécharger
superkaramba(freshmeat) SuperKaramba SuperKaramba is a tool that allows anyone to ea... Télécharger
viewmol(freshmeat) Viewmol Viewmol is a program for building and editing m... Télécharger
collector(freshmeat) Webcomics Collector Webcomics Collector is a Python script for down... Télécharger
skribe(freshmeat) Skribe Skribe is a text processor. It is a general pur... Télécharger
libxmlconf(freshmeat) Simple XML Configuration Library Simple XML Configuration Library an XML library... Télécharger
cdde(freshmeat) CD Detect & Execute CDDE is a program that detects when a CDROM dri... Télécharger
lgi(freshmeat) LGI LGI is a lightweight GUI library and applicatio... Télécharger
manekineko(freshmeat) CyberNeko RelaxNG Validator ManekiNeko is a parser configuration that allow... Télécharger
ganzua(freshmeat) Ganzúa Ganzúa is a cryptanalysis tool for classical ci... Télécharger
projectbench(freshmeat) ProjectBench ProjectBench is a friendly project management ... Télécharger
ruby-needle(freshmeat) Needle Dependency Injector Needle is a light-weight dependency injection (... Télécharger
cyrussasl(freshmeat) Cyrus SASL The Cyrus SASL library is a generic library for... Télécharger
fnfx(freshmeat) FnFX FnFX enables owners of Toshiba laptops to chang... Télécharger
num-utils(freshmeat) num-utils num-utils are a set of programs for dealing wit... Télécharger
zentest(freshmeat) ZenTest ZenTest scans target and unit-test code and wri... Télécharger
texml(freshmeat) TeXML TeXML is an XML syntax for TeX. The processor t... Télécharger
junitour(freshmeat) Juni-tour Junitour is a plugin/enhancement for ANT or Mav... Télécharger
basilic(freshmeat) Basilic Basilic is a bibliography server for research l... Télécharger
spamresponder(freshmeat) spamresponder Spamresponder is a very simple and radical spam... Télécharger
freewrlduneinputdevice(freshmeat) FreeWRLduneInputDevice FreeWRLduneInputDevice together with FreeWRL al... Télécharger
amphibian(freshmeat) Amphibian Amphibian is a free distributed components- or... Télécharger
rg1000_airport_dialer_monitor_(freshmeat) rg1000 dialer rg1000 dialer is a command line utility for co... Télécharger
tcng(freshmeat) Traffic Control - Next Generation Traffic Control - Next Generation (tcng) is a ... Télécharger
tourny(freshmeat) Open Tournament System Open Tournament System is a full tournament eng... Télécharger
aww(freshmeat) aww aww (administer wml websites) is a frontend for... Télécharger
p0rn-comfort(freshmeat) p0rn-comfort p0rn-comfort consists of several support progra... Télécharger
personalaccess(freshmeat) naarani Personal Access naarani Personal Access is a Java library to ru... Télécharger
aclock(freshmeat) AClock AClock is a little application that shows the t... Télécharger
wnp(freshmeat) Wget New Percentage Wget New Percentage is an alternative implement... Télécharger
mod-accounting(freshmeat) mod_account mod_accounting is an Apache module which measur... Télécharger
pebrot(freshmeat) Pebrot Pebrot is an MSN messenger text client implemen... Télécharger
gv4l(freshmeat) Gv4l Gv4l is a v4l (Video4Linux) frontend of transco... Télécharger
genbuf(freshmeat) Genbuf Genbuf is a generic line-buffering tool for Uni... Télécharger
xmmsalarm(freshmeat) xmms-alarm xmms-alarm is a plugin which allows XMMS to be ... Télécharger
fixsrcip(freshmeat) fixsrcip fixsrcip is a tool for binding outgoing TCP and... Télécharger
oink(freshmeat) Oink Oink is a collaboration of backends for the Els... Télécharger
pprom(freshmeat) pprom pprom lets you write your shell prompts in a si... Télécharger
balsa(freshmeat) Balsa Balsa is a Gnome e-mail client supporting POP3,... Télécharger
sudoscript(freshmeat) Sudoscript Sudoscript is a pair of Perl scripts (sudoscrip... Télécharger
libcurlmono(freshmeat) libcurl.mono libcurl.mono is an object-oriented binding for ... Télécharger
apolos(freshmeat) Apolos Apolos is a small, lightweight CD player, rippe... Télécharger
inputpipe(freshmeat) Inputpipe Inputpipe is a client/server application for ma... Télécharger
ffdiaporama(freshmeat) ffDiaporama ffDiaporama is an application for assembling ph... Télécharger
opensg(freshmeat) OpenSG OpenSG is an Open Source scenegraph system. Its... Télécharger
pfconf(freshmeat) PFconf Most ACLs (packet filters) don't work with &quo... Télécharger
wmfuzzy(freshmeat) wmfuzzy wmfuzzy is a Window Maker dockapp clock that gi... Télécharger
retroweb(freshmeat) RetroWeb RetroWeb is an extension for RetroForth intende... Télécharger
amlet(freshmeat) AMLET AMLET is software designed to estimate multinom... Télécharger
pytvgrab(freshmeat) PyTVGrab PyTVGrab is an XMLTV library and tv_grabbers wr... Télécharger
ueberp(freshmeat) Uber Project Document Management System Uber Project Document Management System is a P... Télécharger

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