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xsc(freshmeat) xsc XSC is a clone of the old Star Castle video gam... Télécharger
ympyris(freshmeat) Ympyris Ympyris is a falling blocks game that uses a ci... Télécharger
donationtracker(freshmeat) DonationTracker DonationTracker is a CGI script for tracking l... Télécharger
sonic-rainbow(freshmeat) Sonic-Rainbow Sonic-Rainbow is a Linux GUI multimedia player.... Télécharger
geode(freshmeat) Geode Geode is an IDE for EsiObjects, an open-source,... Télécharger
lads(freshmeat) Login Anomaly Detection System The Login Anomaly Detection System (LADS) dete... Télécharger
displaytag(freshmeat) displaytag The displaytag library is a suite of custom tag... Télécharger
rfbackup(freshmeat) Red Feline Backup Red Feline Backup is a backup solution for Palm... Télécharger
cjukebox(freshmeat) Cjukebox Cjukebox is a curses-based player and manager ... Télécharger
oba(freshmeat) Open Business Accounting/Inventory OBA is Web-based business accounting/inventory ... Télécharger
libbnr(freshmeat) Bayesian Noise Reduction Library libbnr is an implementation of the Bayesian Noi... Télécharger
bluemote(freshmeat) Bluemote Bluemote helps you use your bluetooth-enabled T... Télécharger
libds(freshmeat) libds LibDS is a cross-platform library to support si... Télécharger
boo(freshmeat) boo Boo is a client/server chat system that is Unix... Télécharger
usblogdump(freshmeat) ubslogdump ubslogdump is a tool that dumps log files produ... Télécharger
openaspect(freshmeat) OpenAspect OpenAspect is a scalable and secure ERP and CRM... Télécharger
sgcontrol(freshmeat) Smart Gnome Control Smart Gnome Control is a graphical user interfa... Télécharger
mp3butler(freshmeat) mp3butler.pl mp3butler.pl renames MP3 and Ogg audio files to... Télécharger
qtsql(freshmeat) Qt SQL Browser Qt SQL Browser is a simple, generic GUI databas... Télécharger
qtfprot(freshmeat) QtFprot QtFprot is a frontend for FPROT 4.x, a free (fo... Télécharger
node-runner(freshmeat) Node Runner Node Runner is a network monitor which is desig... Télécharger
owenshow(freshmeat) OwenShow OwenShow is an open-source file browser demonst... Télécharger
ffproxy(freshmeat) ffproxy ffproxy is a filtering HTTP/HTTPS proxy server.... Télécharger
inline_slang(freshmeat) Inline::SLang Inline::SLang lets you write Perl routines in S... Télécharger
univert(freshmeat) Universal Unicode Converter Univert is a Universal Unicode Converter, at le... Télécharger
inter7-eps(freshmeat) EPS EPS (Email Processing System) is a set of API f... Télécharger
smbgate(freshmeat) SMBGate SMBGate provides a gateway and firewall with au... Télécharger
soffice2html(freshmeat) Staroffice/Openoffice to HTML Converter Staroffice/Openoffice to HTML Converter convert... Télécharger
majic(freshmeat) Majic Majic is an interpreter and compiler for Erc, a... Télécharger
ccorr(freshmeat) Corruption Corrector Corruption Corrector (CCorr) is a program desig... Télécharger
resourcepool(freshmeat) ResourcePool The Perl ResourcePool provides a generic way to... Télécharger
kuote(freshmeat) Kuote Kuote is an applet for the KDE panel inspired b... Télécharger
qii(freshmeat) Queer IRC Interface QII is a completely free Gay.com chat client. U... Télécharger
simplortal(freshmeat) Simplortal Simplortal is a portal engine which focuses on ... Télécharger
destiney_dbsessions(freshmeat) Destiney Scripts DBSessions Destiney Scripts DBSessions provides database c... Télécharger
destiney_links(freshmeat) Destiney Scripts Links Destiney Scripts Links is a script for a dynami... Télécharger
aspell(freshmeat) GNU Aspell GNU Aspell is a spell checker designed to event... Télécharger
bpfrate(freshmeat) BPF Rate Estimator BPF Rate Estimator estimates the traffic rate m... Télécharger
formfaces(freshmeat) FormFaces FormFaces is a toolkit of Processors, libraries... Télécharger
s3cache(freshmeat) S3C S3C is a simple server-side object caching fra... Télécharger
destiney_topsites(freshmeat) Destiney Scripts Topsites Destiney Scripts Topsites is a script for creat... Télécharger
cupid(freshmeat) Cupid Cupid is a video recorder built with GStreamer.... Télécharger
iripdb(freshmeat) iRipDB iRipDB allows you to generate the DB files nece... Télécharger
tong(freshmeat) TONG TONG is Tetris and Pong in the same place at th... Télécharger
pylirc(freshmeat) pyLirc pyLirc is a Python module written in C that int... Télécharger
root-tail(freshmeat) root-tail root-tail is a program that allows printing of ... Télécharger
jbuilder_phpeditor(freshmeat) PHPEditor for JBuilder PHPEditor for JBuilder provides syntax coloring... Télécharger
gnotary(freshmeat) GNotary Digital Notary Service GNotary is a set of Python scripts that impleme... Télécharger
gtess(freshmeat) Gnome Tesserae Gnome Tesserae is a puzzle game in which the pl... Télécharger
project35(freshmeat) Project35 Software Project35 is an application suite that allows u... Télécharger
rubis(freshmeat) RUBiS RUBiS is an auction site modeled after eBay.com... Télécharger
fpgg(freshmeat) fpgg fpgg is yet another static (X)HTML picture gall... Télécharger
wanha(freshmeat) wanha wanha is a combination of an IRC bot to watch a... Télécharger
gwsv(freshmeat) GroundWork Status Viewer Status Viewer (SV) lets you view and manage you... Télécharger
fastmd5(freshmeat) Fast MD5 Implementation in Java Fast MD5 Implementation in Java is a heavily o... Télécharger
badut(freshmeat) Badut Media Jukebox Badut is a home theater PC media browser; an au... Télécharger
pythonsudoku(freshmeat) Python Sudoku Python Sudoku is a program to create or resolve... Télécharger
simpledbdev(freshmeat) Amazon SimpleDB/dev SimpleDB/dev is a local instance of Amazon's Si... Télécharger
mtp-target(freshmeat) Mtp Target Mtp Target is a multi-player online action game... Télécharger
libprelude(freshmeat) libprelude The Prelude Library (libprelude) is the glue th... Télécharger
idiet(freshmeat) iDiet iDiet is a diet management tool that helps peop... Télécharger
cdpr(freshmeat) cdpr cdpr (Cisco Discovery Protocol Reporter) shows ... Télécharger
besc(freshmeat) Beesoft Commander Beesoft Commander is a file manager (like Norto... Télécharger
daemonservice(freshmeat) daemonservice daemonservice is an easy to use cross-platform ... Télécharger
libppm(freshmeat) libppm libppm is a lightweight P6-type (raw PPM) image... Télécharger
gnuvd(freshmeat) gnuvd gnuvd is a command-line client to the online Va... Télécharger
party_playlist(freshmeat) party_playlist party_playlist creates music playlists suitable... Télécharger
role-playinggamedaemon(freshmeat) RPGD RPGD is an addictive hack and slash style game.... Télécharger
cspec(freshmeat) CSpec CSpec is a behavior-driven development framewor... Télécharger
srt(freshmeat) SILC Runtime Toolkit SILC Runtime Toolkit (SRT) provides useful util... Télécharger
sealisp(freshmeat) seaLISP seaLISP is a Lisp interpreter with as many bell... Télécharger
elinks(freshmeat) ELinks ELinks is an advanced and well-established feat... Télécharger
bindagentx(freshmeat) BindAgentX BindAgentX is an AgentX subagent for Net-SNMP t... Télécharger
freecivwebclient(freshmeat) Freeciv.net Freeciv.net is a strategy game that can be play... Télécharger
chiron(freshmeat) Chiron Chiron was written to demonstrate that you coul... Télécharger
wso2wsfphp(freshmeat) WSO2 Web Services Framework for PHP WSO2 Web Services Framework for PHP is a PHP ex... Télécharger
strec(freshmeat) strec strec is a wrapper for VSound, LAME, and Real P... Télécharger
dvdriptools(freshmeat) DVDripTools DVDripTools is a collection of scripts that ope... Télécharger
punjab(freshmeat) PunJab PunJab is an BOSH connection manager. It is an ... Télécharger
mkgichessclub(freshmeat) MKGI Chess Club MKGI Chess Club is a chess playing server with ... Télécharger
openredalert(freshmeat) OpenRedAlert OpenRedAlert is a Westwood Red Alert game engin... Télécharger
pustefix(freshmeat) Pustefix Pustefix is a Web application framework that fe... Télécharger
jamailer(freshmeat) JaMailer JaMailer is a simple email server. Although sma... Télécharger
yummy(freshmeat) Yummy Yummy is set of a programs that enable two comp... Télécharger
tcpindex(freshmeat) tcpindex - packet capture and search Tcpindex captures packets from a LAN and indexe... Télécharger
zxid(freshmeat) ZXID ZXID is a C library that implements the full S... Télécharger
symbianoggplay(freshmeat) oggplay OggPlay is an audio player for smartphones. It ... Télécharger
ironout(freshmeat) ironout Ironout is a C refactoring tool. It tries to be... Télécharger
eaglemq(freshmeat) EagleMQ EagleMQ is a high-performance and lightweight q... Télécharger
aqsis(freshmeat) Aqsis Renderer Aqsis is a cross-platform 3D rendering solution... Télécharger
mimp(freshmeat) MIMP MIMP is a version of the popular webmail client... Télécharger
pyqt3support(freshmeat) PyQt3Support PyQt3Support is an extension to PyQt4 that adds... Télécharger
mpiiotest(freshmeat) MPI-IO Test The MPI-IO Test is built on top of MPI's I/O ca... Télécharger
utsphere(freshmeat) UvumiTools ColorSphere UvumiTools ColorSphere is a Javascript color pi... Télécharger
cyrus2dovecot(freshmeat) Cyrus2Dovecot Cyrus2Dovecot is a full-featured command line t... Télécharger
libsharedmem(freshmeat) libsharedmem libsharedmem is an easy to use C library for ha... Télécharger
pivip(freshmeat) Pivip Do you participate in online communities? Do yo... Télécharger
happyhadoop(freshmeat) Happy = Hadoop + Python Happy is a framework for writing map-reduce pro... Télécharger
dvbyell(freshmeat) dvbyell dvbyell is a streaming solution for DVB(-S/-S2/... Télécharger
jotscale(freshmeat) JotScale JotScale is a system for creating a cluster of ... Télécharger

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