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amlet(freshmeat) AMLET AMLET is software designed to estimate multinom... Télécharger
pytvgrab(freshmeat) PyTVGrab PyTVGrab is an XMLTV library and tv_grabbers wr... Télécharger
ueberp(freshmeat) Uber Project Document Management System Uber Project Document Management System is a P... Télécharger
klira(freshmeat) Klira Klira is an audio converter for KDE. It lets yo... Télécharger
twe42(freshmeat) Twe Twe (Twe Whitelist Enforcer) is used to enforce... Télécharger
ribs(freshmeat) Rsync Incremental Backup Script Rsync Incremental Backup Script (RIBS) is an i... Télécharger
cire(freshmeat) Cire Cire is a program for maintaining a diary, log,... Télécharger
dddns(freshmeat) dddns DDDNS (Delegated Dynamic DNS) ensures that if y... Télécharger
lg(freshmeat) Looking Glass LG is a Looking Glass written in Perl as a CGI ... Télécharger
deforaos-todo(freshmeat) DeforaOS Todo DeforaOS Todo is a simple task manager for the ... Télécharger
videoguide(freshmeat) VideoGuide VideoGuide is a Web interface for video librari... Télécharger
xcomic(freshmeat) Xcomic Xcomic is a comic management script that fits w... Télécharger
wmailphp(freshmeat) wMail wMail is a fork of the popular, attractive, and... Télécharger
ecmedit(freshmeat) EcmEdit EcmEdit is a cross-platform bin editing tool fo... Télécharger
lunascript(freshmeat) Luna Script LunaScript is a fantastic Spanish script for Bi... Télécharger
indexator(freshmeat) Indexator.NET Indexator.NET is an application written in C# t... Télécharger
libtimidity(freshmeat) libTiMidity libTiMidity is a MIDI to WAVE converter library... Télécharger
xmms-timidity(freshmeat) xmms-timidity xmms-timidity is a MIDI plugin for XMMS. It pla... Télécharger
xml_transformer(freshmeat) PEAR::XML_Transformer PEAR::XML_Transformer lets you easily bind PHP ... Télécharger
gkremldk(freshmeat) GKremldk Gkremldk is a GKrellM plugin showing current ml... Télécharger
paperdb(freshmeat) PHP Paper and Proceedings Database PHP Paper and Proceedings Database implements a... Télécharger
relokate(freshmeat) Relokate Relokate is a puzzle game for KDE. The objectiv... Télécharger
profibus(freshmeat) profibus profibus aims at building a PROFIBUS protocol ... Télécharger
motiontrack(freshmeat) Motiontrack Motiontrack is a set of tools that detects moti... Télécharger
o2php(freshmeat) Oxygen Oxygen is a powerful online discussion board sy... Télécharger
jchassis(freshmeat) JChassis JChassis is both a framework for writing compon... Télécharger
onemaxx(freshmeat) OneMaxx OneMaxx is an integrated suite of 4GL ERP syste... Télécharger
fca(freshmeat) featherCache featherCache is a lightweight Java cache implem... Télécharger
atvguide(freshmeat) ATVGuide ATVGuide is a TV guide program that reads XMLTV... Télécharger
gcid4isdn(freshmeat) GCID4ISDN GCID4ISDN monitors incoming calls to an ISDN ca... Télécharger
talika-tarsis(freshmeat) Tarsis Tarsis is a Java Web MVC Framework which implem... Télécharger
introspector(freshmeat) GCC Introspector The GCC XML Tree Node Introspector project cons... Télécharger
3ddesktop(freshmeat) 3dDesktop 3d Destkop is an OpenGL program for switching v... Télécharger
fsguide(freshmeat) FSGuide FSGuide is a Norton Commander clone used by man... Télécharger
diplojuge(freshmeat) Diplojuge Diplojuge is a toolkit that can automate all of... Télécharger
jegg(freshmeat) JEgg JEgg provides an implementation for Java Active... Télécharger
fedit(freshmeat) FEdit FEdit allows users to create new fonts for the ... Télécharger
bloglines_notifier(freshmeat) Bloglines notifier Bloglines Notifier is a GNOME panel applet that... Télécharger
smb-network_cgi(freshmeat) smb-network.cgi smb-network.cgi is a Web based SMB network bro... Télécharger
cpsed(freshmeat) Cpsed Cpsed is a Linux OpenGL 3D scene editor built w... Télécharger
mod_highlight(freshmeat) mod_highlight mod_highlight provdes syntax highlighting as an... Télécharger
pythonxml(freshmeat) Python/XML The Python XML package contains parsers, SAX an... Télécharger
molimo(freshmeat) market@molimo.de market@molimo.de is a wiki-based product catalo... Télécharger
souk(freshmeat) Souk Souk is a Python framework that implements the ... Télécharger
gtubeclock(freshmeat) gtubeclock gtubeclock is a simple digital clock for GNOME... Télécharger
addneditcookies(freshmeat) Add N Edit Cookies Add N Edit Cookies is a Firefox/Mozilla browser... Télécharger
compframe(freshmeat) CompFrame CompFrame is a tool for creating component-base... Télécharger
squid-imap(freshmeat) squid-imap squid-imap is a basic squid auth helper that au... Télécharger
rpm-livelinuxcd(freshmeat) rpm livelinuxcd rpm livelinuxcd is a set of ISO images and a to... Télécharger
bigsam(freshmeat) Big Sam Big Sam (Built-In Guestbook Stand-Alone Module)... Télécharger
optikal(freshmeat) Optikal Optikal is a Java application that displays op... Télécharger
qlife(freshmeat) qlife Qlife is a Qt3 application that tries to emulat... Télécharger
jlife(freshmeat) jlife Jlife is a Java Swing application that tries to... Télécharger
jadminusers(freshmeat) JAdminUsers JAdminUsers is a Java application to manage use... Télécharger
sofia(freshmeat) SOFIA SOFIA is a model-view controller framework that... Télécharger
antsp2p(freshmeat) Antsp2p Antsp2p is a P2P application that includes a ba... Télécharger
anydb(freshmeat) anyDB anyDB is a PHP database class which provides ea... Télécharger
sat2xml(freshmeat) sat2xml sat2xml is a small utility to parse the private... Télécharger
fastcalc(freshmeat) FastCalc FastCalc is a calculator for mobile phones (and... Télécharger
yoda-dm(freshmeat) Yoda decision maker Yoda is a Magic 8-Ball clone that not only answ... Télécharger
retax(freshmeat) reTax reTax allows you to use your mobile as a VAT ca... Télécharger
aabrowse(freshmeat) AABrowse AABrowse is a server browser for America's Army... Télécharger
webspike-ruby(freshmeat) WebSpike Ruby WebSpike Ruby is an XHTML template engine drive... Télécharger
gnugo(freshmeat) GNU Go GNU Go is free program that plays the ancient b... Télécharger
nfgwebchat(freshmeat) NFGWebChat NFGWebChat is a single channel chat Web applica... Télécharger
gkleds(freshmeat) gkleds gkleds is a GKrellM plugin which monitors the C... Télécharger
grandfandango(freshmeat) The Grand Fandango The Grand Fandango is a suite of PHP components... Télécharger
xlivecd(freshmeat) XLiveCD XLiveCD allows Windows users to run an X server... Télécharger
kateker(freshmeat) KaTeker KaTeker is a backup tool for Linux useful for s... Télécharger
llaunch(freshmeat) The Little Launcher The Little Launcher is an application launcher.... Télécharger
bcd(freshmeat) Better CD "bcd" stand for "Better CD"... Télécharger
cxxtest(freshmeat) CxxTest CxxTest is a JUnit/CppUnit/xUnit-like framework... Télécharger
senddfbymail(freshmeat) senddfbymail senddfbymail is a Perl script (with a Web inter... Télécharger
citations(freshmeat) Citations The Citations project is a simple extension tha... Télécharger
bitfluxeditor(freshmeat) Bitflux Editor Bitflux Editor is a browser-based WYSIWYG XML e... Télécharger
evilib(freshmeat) EVILib EVILib is a C++ library for controlling the ser... Télécharger
cvsplot(freshmeat) cvsplot Cvsplot is a Perl script which analyzes the his... Télécharger
mediaindexer(freshmeat) mediaIndexer mediaIndexer is a Web application that creates ... Télécharger
flashmysqladmin(freshmeat) FlashMyAdmin FlashMyAdmin is a Flash-based MySQL administrat... Télécharger
biabam(freshmeat) BIABAM Biabam Is A Bash Attachment Mailer. In other wo... Télécharger
phpinteractive(freshmeat) PHP Interactive PHP Interactive is a Web based interactive shel... Télécharger
sight(freshmeat) SIGHT SIGHT is a code generator set to create a user-... Télécharger
po2c(freshmeat) po2c po2c is a Perl script that takes several gettex... Télécharger
ruby-net-sftp(freshmeat) Net::SFTP for Ruby Net::SFTP is a pure Ruby implementation of the ... Télécharger
rfrandpass(freshmeat) RF Random Password Generator rfrandpass is a PHP application that generates ... Télécharger
blogdrone(freshmeat) blog generator blog generator is a prorgam based on the Catty... Télécharger
clitdb(freshmeat) clitdb clitdb provides a command line interface to any... Télécharger
resxml(freshmeat) ResXML ResXML is an XML application for the presentati... Télécharger
kwebwatch(freshmeat) KWebWatch KWebWatch is a small KDE utility that monitors ... Télécharger
wifiadmin(freshmeat) WiFiAdmin WiFiAdmin is an environment for the administrat... Télécharger
turbovision(freshmeat) Turbo Vision Turbo Vision is a C++ library that provides a v... Télécharger
setedit(freshmeat) Setedit Setedit is a text editor specially designed for... Télécharger
rhide(freshmeat) RHIDE RHIDE is a powerful integrated development en... Télécharger
mstringandmstringarray(freshmeat) MString and MStringArray MString is a dynamic string class that is mostl... Télécharger
cdchanger(freshmeat) CD Changer CD Changer is a Jukebox changer application tha... Télécharger
serco(freshmeat) Servicio de Resolución de Conflictos Serco is a Web application solution for conflic... Télécharger
picforth(freshmeat) PicForth PicForth is a free software Forth compiler targ... Télécharger
amypkg(freshmeat) amypkg amypkg is a minimalistic Slackware package mana... Télécharger
freecs(freshmeat) FreeCS FreeCS is a free chat server. The layout is fu... Télécharger
javalayer(freshmeat) JavaLayer JavaLayer is a 100% Java library that decodes, ... Télécharger

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