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wmsensormon(freshmeat) Wmsensormon Wmsensormon is a dockapp for Window Maker that ... Télécharger
fsproxy(freshmeat) FSP Proxy FSP Proxy is a proxy server for FSP to HTTP/1.0... Télécharger
pumpservlet(freshmeat) PumpServlet PumpServlet is a replacement for the standard V... Télécharger
ttywatch(freshmeat) ttywatch ttywatch monitors, logs, and multiplexes termin... Télécharger
inktank(freshmeat) InkTank InkTank is an online library system designed to... Télécharger
phpbibman(freshmeat) PHPBibMan PHPBibMan is a Web-based literature database fo... Télécharger
streamtuned(freshmeat) StreamTuned StreamTuned is a stream player and recorder. It... Télécharger
c2html(freshmeat) c2html C2html is a program which converts C source fil... Télécharger
kpum(freshmeat) Kpum Kpum is a KDE user manager for the pureftpd ser... Télécharger
hdlmaker(freshmeat) HDLmaker HDLmaker generates hierarchical Verilog and VHD... Télécharger
sredird(freshmeat) sredird Sredird is a serial port redirector that is com... Télécharger
cgi_uploader(freshmeat) CGI::Uploader The CGI::Uploader Perl module is designed to he... Télécharger
heroscribe(freshmeat) HeroScribe HeroScribe produces typographic quality HeroQue... Télécharger
wolfpack(freshmeat) Wolfpack Wolfpack is software for an Ultima Online MMORP... Télécharger
poslib(freshmeat) Poslib DNS library Poslib is a library which provides easy access ... Télécharger
zoneedit(freshmeat) Posadis Zone Editor The Posadis Zone Editor is a graphical tool to ... Télécharger
mfedit(freshmeat) Posadis Master file editor Mfedit is a graphical editor for DNS master fil... Télécharger
bearlib(freshmeat) Beartronics Java J2ME Libraries The Beartronics J2ME Libraries are a collection... Télécharger
posadis(freshmeat) Posadis Posadis is a domain name server for Unix and Wi... Télécharger
apt-best(freshmeat) apt-best apt-best is a utility to help users find the mo... Télécharger
quicktranslate(freshmeat) QuickTranslate Online QuickTranslate is a tool for translating text i... Télécharger
sinswcf(freshmeat) SINS Web Controller Framework SINS (SINS Is Not Struts) Web controller framew... Télécharger
musicus(freshmeat) Musicus Musicus is a command line audio player that use... Télécharger
flow2rrd(freshmeat) OSSP flow2rrd OSSP flow2rrd is a companion tool to the Flow-T... Télécharger
chong2see(freshmeat) Software Engineering Environment Software Engineering Environment (SEE) provide... Télécharger
xquote(freshmeat) Xquote Xquote is a WWW quote retrieval tool. Télécharger
jchessboard(freshmeat) JChessBoard JChessBoard is a chess game and PGN viewer/edit... Télécharger
cvsfs(freshmeat) cvsfs cvsfs is an attempt to let a user mount a CVS p... Télécharger
shadowed(freshmeat) Shadowed Horizons Shadowed Horizons is a collection of classes an... Télécharger
beowulf(freshmeat) Beowulf Beowulf includes an enhanced Linux kernel, libr... Télécharger
lptransfer(freshmeat) LPTransfer - Laplink cable file transfer LPTransfer is a commandline program that sends ... Télécharger
insurance(freshmeat) Modul "Versand-versicherung" Modul "Versand-versicherung" is a mod... Télécharger
opengfs(freshmeat) OpenGFS OpenGFS is an enterprise-class clustered filesy... Télécharger
btail(freshmeat) btail Btail monitors a logfile for specific events. I... Télécharger
rsyncpy(freshmeat) rsync.py rsync.py mimics rsync. It can copy selective p... Télécharger
netcount(freshmeat) netcount netcount is a command line PPP traffic logging ... Télécharger
pybluez(freshmeat) pybluez PyBluez is an effort to create Python wrappers ... Télécharger
omni(freshmeat) OMNI Driver Model for Ghostscript Printing The OMNI printer driver provides support for ov... Télécharger
genome-tools(freshmeat) Genome-Tools Genome-Tools provides flexible tools and a simp... Télécharger
pyunitperf(freshmeat) pyUnitPerf pyUnitPerf is a port of JUnitPerf to Python. It... Télécharger
webminusermonitor(freshmeat) Webmin Usermonitor Webmin Usermonitor is a Webmin module that allo... Télécharger
smlweb(freshmeat) Dynamic Web site tools for Standard ML This project collects tools for developing dyna... Télécharger
delirium(freshmeat) DeLiRiuM DeLiRiuM is a 32-bit nanokernel hybrid operatin... Télécharger
r404(freshmeat) Radio404 Radio404 is a request-based dynamic playlist an... Télécharger
icalcreator(freshmeat) iCalcreator iCalcreator is a PHP implementation to create, ... Télécharger
aplus(freshmeat) aplus A+ is a powerful and efficient programming lang... Télécharger
guicompletion(freshmeat) GUIcompletion GUIcompletion is a GUI front-end for shell comm... Télécharger
sitemesh(freshmeat) OpenSymphony SiteMesh SiteMesh was built upon the Java Servlet 2.3 AP... Télécharger
temprules(freshmeat) Temp Rules Temp Rules makes it possible to place rules int... Télécharger
xik(freshmeat) xik xik is a KDE front-end for Xmame. It scans the ... Télécharger
freshmeat-xml-rpc(freshmeat) Freshmeat XML-RPC for Java Freshmeat XML-RPC for Java is a framework that ... Télécharger
qixite(freshmeat) Qixite Qixite is a program for creating Web sites. The... Télécharger
guis(freshmeat) Guis widget server Guis widget server is a Gtk2 widget server. It ... Télécharger
iplogled(freshmeat) iplogled iplogled is a logger for IP packets via keyboar... Télécharger
gmtodo(freshmeat) Gmail Todo Gmail Todo is a todo application that uses libg... Télécharger
freekeygenera(sfnet) Free Key Generator Very small and quick password generator. Télécharger
kapooka(freshmeat) KaPooka KaPooka is an animated logic game for SDL. It's... Télécharger
libxklavier(freshmeat) libxklavier libxklavier is an XKB foundation library. It is... Télécharger
qedo(freshmeat) QoS Enabled Distributed Objects QoS Enabled Distributed Objects implements a CC... Télécharger
stjude(freshmeat) Saint Jude Saint Jude is a wholly kernel-based intrusion d... Télécharger
aewm_plus_plus(freshmeat) aewm++ aewm++ is rewrite and fork of aewm in C++. It's... Télécharger
ldapdns(freshmeat) LDAPDNS ldapdns is a robust DNS server that forwards DN... Télécharger
guarddog(freshmeat) Guarddog Guarddog is firewall generation/management util... Télécharger
deadlycobra(freshmeat) DeadlyCobra DeadlyCobra is a game similar in gameplay to th... Télécharger
linuxvirtualserver(freshmeat) Linux Virtual Server The Linux Virtual Server Project is a project t... Télécharger
vbetool(freshmeat) vbetool vbetool uses lrmi in order to run code from the... Télécharger
mapview(freshmeat) Mapview Mapview is a viewer for Terraserver tiles. It d... Télécharger
otfgallery(freshmeat) OTF Gallery OTF Gallery is a minimalistic, yet usable photo... Télécharger
currency_converter(freshmeat) Raven's Currency Converter Raven's Currency Converter downloads a Web page... Télécharger
rescuecd(freshmeat) Timo's Rescue CD Set Timo's rescue CD set provides an easy way to ge... Télécharger
bookblog(freshmeat) bookblog bookblog is a Web log tool for recording book ... Télécharger
libigen(freshmeat) LibIGen LibIGen is a powerful graphical interface gene... Télécharger
macbiff(freshmeat) MacBiff MacBiff is a "Biff" tool for Mac OS X... Télécharger
jentchina(freshmeat) Jentchina Jentchina is the client library part of "T... Télécharger
log4shell(freshmeat) log4shell Log4shell is a command-line interface to log4cx... Télécharger
gtkjentchina(freshmeat) GtkJentchina GtkJentchina is a simplified front-end library ... Télécharger
pathalizer(freshmeat) Pathalizer Pathalizer is a tool for visualizing the paths ... Télécharger
lioubliou(freshmeat) Lioubliou Lioubliou is a library part of "The Birds ... Télécharger
dbprim(freshmeat) Database Primitives Library The Database Primitives Library contains a numb... Télécharger
lwip(freshmeat) lwIP lwIP is a lightweight implementation of the TCP... Télécharger
ms2my(freshmeat) ms2my ms2my is helps with MSSQL to MySQL converting/r... Télécharger
xsc(freshmeat) xsc XSC is a clone of the old Star Castle video gam... Télécharger
ympyris(freshmeat) Ympyris Ympyris is a falling blocks game that uses a ci... Télécharger
donationtracker(freshmeat) DonationTracker DonationTracker is a CGI script for tracking l... Télécharger
sonic-rainbow(freshmeat) Sonic-Rainbow Sonic-Rainbow is a Linux GUI multimedia player.... Télécharger
geode(freshmeat) Geode Geode is an IDE for EsiObjects, an open-source,... Télécharger
lads(freshmeat) Login Anomaly Detection System The Login Anomaly Detection System (LADS) dete... Télécharger
displaytag(freshmeat) displaytag The displaytag library is a suite of custom tag... Télécharger
rfbackup(freshmeat) Red Feline Backup Red Feline Backup is a backup solution for Palm... Télécharger
cjukebox(freshmeat) Cjukebox Cjukebox is a curses-based player and manager ... Télécharger
oba(freshmeat) Open Business Accounting/Inventory OBA is Web-based business accounting/inventory ... Télécharger
libbnr(freshmeat) Bayesian Noise Reduction Library libbnr is an implementation of the Bayesian Noi... Télécharger
bluemote(freshmeat) Bluemote Bluemote helps you use your bluetooth-enabled T... Télécharger
libds(freshmeat) libds LibDS is a cross-platform library to support si... Télécharger
boo(freshmeat) boo Boo is a client/server chat system that is Unix... Télécharger
usblogdump(freshmeat) ubslogdump ubslogdump is a tool that dumps log files produ... Télécharger
openaspect(freshmeat) OpenAspect OpenAspect is a scalable and secure ERP and CRM... Télécharger
sgcontrol(freshmeat) Smart Gnome Control Smart Gnome Control is a graphical user interfa... Télécharger
mp3butler(freshmeat) mp3butler.pl mp3butler.pl renames MP3 and Ogg audio files to... Télécharger
qtsql(freshmeat) Qt SQL Browser Qt SQL Browser is a simple, generic GUI databas... Télécharger

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