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gdvrecv(freshmeat) gdvrecv gdvrecv is a set of FreeBSD tools for receiving... Télécharger
pdumpfs(freshmeat) pdumpfs pdumpfs is a simple daily backup system similar... Télécharger
albert-cache(freshmeat) AlberT-cache AlberT-cache is a fast and portable full-page c... Télécharger
namazu(freshmeat) Namazu Namazu is a full-text search system intended fo... Télécharger
ndoclet(freshmeat) NDoclet NDoclet is a free doclet for Javadoc that gener... Télécharger
khtb(freshmeat) KHTB KHtb is a GUI for the htb.init script with XML ... Télécharger
kball(freshmeat) KBall KBall is a game of skill and reflexes suitable ... Télécharger
cgprof(freshmeat) cgprof cgprof generates colored graphs for profiled ex... Télécharger
copyfs(freshmeat) CopyFS CopyFS aims to solve a common problem. Given a ... Télécharger
poker3d(freshmeat) Poker 3D poker3d is a poker server and client. The clien... Télécharger
noarp(freshmeat) MasarLabs NoArp MasarLabs NoArp is a Linux kernel module that f... Télécharger
imnarrator(freshmeat) im_narrator im_narrator provides text-to-speech and speech-... Télécharger
cwtutor(freshmeat) CwTutor CwTutor is a Morse tutor supporting the Koch an... Télécharger
axiom(freshmeat) Axiom Axiom is a general purpose computer algebra sys... Télécharger
ext_shapelib(freshmeat) ext_shapelib ext_shapelib is a PHP extension which provides ... Télécharger
cvstrac(freshmeat) CVSTrac CVSTrac implements a low-ceremony Web-based bug... Télécharger
spammergrok(freshmeat) spammergrok Spammergrok is a script that extracts URLs from... Télécharger
simkin(freshmeat) Simkin Simkin is a scripting language for Java/XML. Si... Télécharger
simkinforc(freshmeat) Simkin for C++ Simkin is a simple scripting language that can ... Télécharger
php_tags(freshmeat) phptags The phptags utility makes a tags file from the ... Télécharger
qtpoveditor(freshmeat) QTPov Editor QTPov Editor is a Povray SDL editor. It feature... Télécharger
rootlinux(freshmeat) ROOT GNU/Linux ROOT Linux is an advanced GNU/Linux operating ... Télécharger
scuba_table_nodeco(freshmeat) SCUBA::Table::NoDeco SCUBA::Table::NoDeco provides the ability to pe... Télécharger
gubby(freshmeat) Gubby Gubby keeps track of changes in your procmail l... Télécharger
pynamicd(freshmeat) PynamicD PynamicD is a client/server interface for manip... Télécharger
fortune4all(freshmeat) Fortune4All Fortune4All is a fortune teller that comes with... Télécharger
xdesktopwaves(freshmeat) xdesktopwaves xdesktopwaves is a cellular automata which sets... Télécharger
zengarden(freshmeat) Zen Garden Zen Garden is a tool that watches over the ins... Télécharger
jc_cmdline(freshmeat) JChassis Rule-Based Command Line Parser JChassis Rule-Based Command Line Parser is a t... Télécharger
mcb_simpleserver(freshmeat) Simple Server Simple Server provides an interface for impleme... Télécharger
ieee1284java(freshmeat) ieee1284java ieee1284java is a Java library for accessing t... Télécharger
ogle_remote(freshmeat) ogle_remote ogle_remote is a program to control the Ogle pl... Télécharger
proxyview(freshmeat) ProxyView ProxyView is a simple proxy server which relays... Télécharger
ktcpvs(freshmeat) Kernel TCP Virtual Server Kernel TCP Virtual Server is a Layer-7 switchin... Télécharger
pyqlogger(freshmeat) PyQLogger PyQLogger is QT-based GUI for managing your blo... Télécharger
wxsftp(freshmeat) wxSFTP wxSFTP aims to be a simple, easy-to-use, and po... Télécharger
vrcon(freshmeat) Vrcon Vrcon is a Curses-based rcon utility that allow... Télécharger
vsound-unix(freshmeat) vsound vsound allows you to record the output of any ... Télécharger
cleansweep(freshmeat) cleansweep cleansweep is a set of scripts that help you cl... Télécharger
alco(freshmeat) Apache Log Colorizing Tool Apache Log Colorizing Tool (Alco) is a script f... Télécharger
testify(freshmeat) testify testify is meant to be a test suite for any kin... Télécharger
imap-purge(freshmeat) imap-purge imap-purge is a little tool that automatically ... Télécharger
autovol(freshmeat) autovol autovol is a program that automatically adjusts... Télécharger
phpformmail(freshmeat) PHPFormMail PHPFormMail is a universal WWW form to e-mail g... Télécharger
regexpviewer(freshmeat) regexpviewer regexpviewer is a simple GUI for trying out reg... Télécharger
apwal(freshmeat) Apwal Apwal is a simple application launcher. It disp... Télécharger
jaxe(freshmeat) Jaxe Jaxe is a Java XML editor with a graphical docu... Télécharger
pgmemcache(freshmeat) pgmemcache pgmemcache is a PostgreSQL interface to memcach... Télécharger
otpcalc(freshmeat) otpCalc otpCalc generates one time passwords for respon... Télécharger
nget(freshmeat) nget nget is a commandline NNTP file grabber. It aut... Télécharger
xmi2svg(freshmeat) xmi2svg xmi2svg is an XSLT stylesheet for creating SVG ... Télécharger
afbackup(freshmeat) afbackup afbackup is a client-server backup system allow... Télécharger
asterisk-oh323(freshmeat) asterisk-oh323 asterisk-oh323 adds H.323 support to the ASTERI... Télécharger
streamtuner(freshmeat) streamtuner streamtuner is a stream directory browser. Thro... Télécharger
fh-unget(freshmeat) FileHandle::Unget FileHandle::Unget is a Perl module which is a d... Télécharger
olsr(freshmeat) Hipercom Optimized Link State Routing Optimized Link State Routing is one of several ... Télécharger
gestpaycryptphp(freshmeat) GestPayCrypt-PHP GestPayCrypt-PHP is an implementation in PHP of... Télécharger
photocomments(freshmeat) Photo Comments Photo Comments is a tool for converting between... Télécharger
mioga2-portal(freshmeat) Mioga2::Portal Mioga2::Portal is a Portal application for Miog... Télécharger
jtgl(freshmeat) Java Tiny Gfx Library Java Tiny Gfx Library (JTGL) is a graphic found... Télécharger
libbsb(freshmeat) libbsb libbsb is a C library for reading and writing B... Télécharger
jc_depend(freshmeat) JChassis Dependency API JChassis Dependency API is an API for represent... Télécharger
nefu(freshmeat) nefu nefu (network fidelity utility) is a Unix daemo... Télécharger
jazz(freshmeat) Jazz Jazz is an application server and client that i... Télécharger
leaguesite(freshmeat) LeagueSite LeagueSite is a PHPWebSite module that adds ros... Télécharger
wmfscpos(freshmeat) wmfscpos wmfscpos is a wmaker dockapp which displays the... Télécharger
bstring(freshmeat) Better String Library The Better String Library is an abstraction of ... Télécharger
aburatan(freshmeat) Abura Tan Abura Tan is a Rogue-like adventure game of cow... Télécharger
job-scheduler(freshmeat) job-scheduler job-scheduler gives users several options for s... Télécharger
wmsensormon(freshmeat) Wmsensormon Wmsensormon is a dockapp for Window Maker that ... Télécharger
fsproxy(freshmeat) FSP Proxy FSP Proxy is a proxy server for FSP to HTTP/1.0... Télécharger
pumpservlet(freshmeat) PumpServlet PumpServlet is a replacement for the standard V... Télécharger
ttywatch(freshmeat) ttywatch ttywatch monitors, logs, and multiplexes termin... Télécharger
inktank(freshmeat) InkTank InkTank is an online library system designed to... Télécharger
phpbibman(freshmeat) PHPBibMan PHPBibMan is a Web-based literature database fo... Télécharger
streamtuned(freshmeat) StreamTuned StreamTuned is a stream player and recorder. It... Télécharger
c2html(freshmeat) c2html C2html is a program which converts C source fil... Télécharger
kpum(freshmeat) Kpum Kpum is a KDE user manager for the pureftpd ser... Télécharger
hdlmaker(freshmeat) HDLmaker HDLmaker generates hierarchical Verilog and VHD... Télécharger
sredird(freshmeat) sredird Sredird is a serial port redirector that is com... Télécharger
cgi_uploader(freshmeat) CGI::Uploader The CGI::Uploader Perl module is designed to he... Télécharger
heroscribe(freshmeat) HeroScribe HeroScribe produces typographic quality HeroQue... Télécharger
wolfpack(freshmeat) Wolfpack Wolfpack is software for an Ultima Online MMORP... Télécharger
poslib(freshmeat) Poslib DNS library Poslib is a library which provides easy access ... Télécharger
zoneedit(freshmeat) Posadis Zone Editor The Posadis Zone Editor is a graphical tool to ... Télécharger
mfedit(freshmeat) Posadis Master file editor Mfedit is a graphical editor for DNS master fil... Télécharger
bearlib(freshmeat) Beartronics Java J2ME Libraries The Beartronics J2ME Libraries are a collection... Télécharger
posadis(freshmeat) Posadis Posadis is a domain name server for Unix and Wi... Télécharger
apt-best(freshmeat) apt-best apt-best is a utility to help users find the mo... Télécharger
quicktranslate(freshmeat) QuickTranslate Online QuickTranslate is a tool for translating text i... Télécharger
sinswcf(freshmeat) SINS Web Controller Framework SINS (SINS Is Not Struts) Web controller framew... Télécharger
musicus(freshmeat) Musicus Musicus is a command line audio player that use... Télécharger
flow2rrd(freshmeat) OSSP flow2rrd OSSP flow2rrd is a companion tool to the Flow-T... Télécharger
chong2see(freshmeat) Software Engineering Environment Software Engineering Environment (SEE) provide... Télécharger
xquote(freshmeat) Xquote Xquote is a WWW quote retrieval tool. Télécharger
jchessboard(freshmeat) JChessBoard JChessBoard is a chess game and PGN viewer/edit... Télécharger
cvsfs(freshmeat) cvsfs cvsfs is an attempt to let a user mount a CVS p... Télécharger
shadowed(freshmeat) Shadowed Horizons Shadowed Horizons is a collection of classes an... Télécharger
beowulf(freshmeat) Beowulf Beowulf includes an enhanced Linux kernel, libr... Télécharger
lptransfer(freshmeat) LPTransfer - Laplink cable file transfer LPTransfer is a commandline program that sends ... Télécharger

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