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pythonsudoku(freshmeat) Python Sudoku Python Sudoku is a program to create or resolve... Télécharger
simpledbdev(freshmeat) Amazon SimpleDB/dev SimpleDB/dev is a local instance of Amazon's Si... Télécharger
mtp-target(freshmeat) Mtp Target Mtp Target is a multi-player online action game... Télécharger
libprelude(freshmeat) libprelude The Prelude Library (libprelude) is the glue th... Télécharger
idiet(freshmeat) iDiet iDiet is a diet management tool that helps peop... Télécharger
cdpr(freshmeat) cdpr cdpr (Cisco Discovery Protocol Reporter) shows ... Télécharger
besc(freshmeat) Beesoft Commander Beesoft Commander is a file manager (like Norto... Télécharger
daemonservice(freshmeat) daemonservice daemonservice is an easy to use cross-platform ... Télécharger
libppm(freshmeat) libppm libppm is a lightweight P6-type (raw PPM) image... Télécharger
gnuvd(freshmeat) gnuvd gnuvd is a command-line client to the online Va... Télécharger
party_playlist(freshmeat) party_playlist party_playlist creates music playlists suitable... Télécharger
role-playinggamedaemon(freshmeat) RPGD RPGD is an addictive hack and slash style game.... Télécharger
cspec(freshmeat) CSpec CSpec is a behavior-driven development framewor... Télécharger
srt(freshmeat) SILC Runtime Toolkit SILC Runtime Toolkit (SRT) provides useful util... Télécharger
sealisp(freshmeat) seaLISP seaLISP is a Lisp interpreter with as many bell... Télécharger
elinks(freshmeat) ELinks ELinks is an advanced and well-established feat... Télécharger
bindagentx(freshmeat) BindAgentX BindAgentX is an AgentX subagent for Net-SNMP t... Télécharger
freecivwebclient(freshmeat) Freeciv.net Freeciv.net is a strategy game that can be play... Télécharger
chiron(freshmeat) Chiron Chiron was written to demonstrate that you coul... Télécharger
wso2wsfphp(freshmeat) WSO2 Web Services Framework for PHP WSO2 Web Services Framework for PHP is a PHP ex... Télécharger
strec(freshmeat) strec strec is a wrapper for VSound, LAME, and Real P... Télécharger
dvdriptools(freshmeat) DVDripTools DVDripTools is a collection of scripts that ope... Télécharger
punjab(freshmeat) PunJab PunJab is an BOSH connection manager. It is an ... Télécharger
mkgichessclub(freshmeat) MKGI Chess Club MKGI Chess Club is a chess playing server with ... Télécharger
openredalert(freshmeat) OpenRedAlert OpenRedAlert is a Westwood Red Alert game engin... Télécharger
pustefix(freshmeat) Pustefix Pustefix is a Web application framework that fe... Télécharger
jamailer(freshmeat) JaMailer JaMailer is a simple email server. Although sma... Télécharger
yummy(freshmeat) Yummy Yummy is set of a programs that enable two comp... Télécharger
tcpindex(freshmeat) tcpindex - packet capture and search Tcpindex captures packets from a LAN and indexe... Télécharger
zxid(freshmeat) ZXID ZXID is a C library that implements the full S... Télécharger
symbianoggplay(freshmeat) oggplay OggPlay is an audio player for smartphones. It ... Télécharger
ironout(freshmeat) ironout Ironout is a C refactoring tool. It tries to be... Télécharger
eaglemq(freshmeat) EagleMQ EagleMQ is a high-performance and lightweight q... Télécharger
aqsis(freshmeat) Aqsis Renderer Aqsis is a cross-platform 3D rendering solution... Télécharger
mimp(freshmeat) MIMP MIMP is a version of the popular webmail client... Télécharger
pyqt3support(freshmeat) PyQt3Support PyQt3Support is an extension to PyQt4 that adds... Télécharger
mpiiotest(freshmeat) MPI-IO Test The MPI-IO Test is built on top of MPI's I/O ca... Télécharger
utsphere(freshmeat) UvumiTools ColorSphere UvumiTools ColorSphere is a Javascript color pi... Télécharger
cyrus2dovecot(freshmeat) Cyrus2Dovecot Cyrus2Dovecot is a full-featured command line t... Télécharger
libsharedmem(freshmeat) libsharedmem libsharedmem is an easy to use C library for ha... Télécharger
pivip(freshmeat) Pivip Do you participate in online communities? Do yo... Télécharger
happyhadoop(freshmeat) Happy = Hadoop + Python Happy is a framework for writing map-reduce pro... Télécharger
dvbyell(freshmeat) dvbyell dvbyell is a streaming solution for DVB(-S/-S2/... Télécharger
jotscale(freshmeat) JotScale JotScale is a system for creating a cluster of ... Télécharger
oopmh(freshmeat) OOPMH! OOPMH! is a OAI-PMH 2.0 data provider designed ... Télécharger
minidentd(freshmeat) minidentd minidentd is a tiny IDENT server that implemen... Télécharger
fullyautomatednagios(freshmeat) Fully Automated Nagios The goal of FAN (Fully Automated Nagios) is to ... Télécharger
jamailist(freshmeat) JaMailist JaMailist is mailing list software that is simp... Télécharger
spaceplumber(freshmeat) Space Plumber Space Plumber is a 3D game, where you must find... Télécharger
gnome-db(freshmeat) GNOME-DB / Libgda Libgda is a (relatively small) database access ... Télécharger
datapacker(freshmeat) datapacker datapacker is a tool to group files by size suc... Télécharger
antunit(freshmeat) Apache AntUnit AntUnit is a library of Ant tasks that was init... Télécharger
dnscacheaudit(freshmeat) dnscacheaudit dnscacheaudit is a simple Perl utility to audit... Télécharger
gettogether(freshmeat) GetTogether GetTogether is a social network application fea... Télécharger
moonbeambookmark(freshmeat) Moonbeam Bookmark Manager Moonbeam provides a simple way to keep track of... Télécharger
ovirt(freshmeat) oVirt oVirt is a small host image that provides libvi... Télécharger
pkgcacher(freshmeat) Pkg-cacher Pkg-cacher is a transparent caching proxy daemo... Télécharger
patternnotes(freshmeat) Pattern Notes Pattern Notes is a library (jar) of Java annota... Télécharger
umtsmon(freshmeat) umtsmon UMTSmon is a tool to control and monitor a 3G (... Télécharger
pg_proboscis(freshmeat) python/pg_proboscis pg_proboscis is a pure Python driver/interface ... Télécharger
rwdruby(freshmeat) RwdRuby rwdruby uses the RubyWebDialogs GUI to run shel... Télécharger
openl2tp(freshmeat) OpenL2TP OpenL2TP is an L2TP client/server written speci... Télécharger
mpiomon(freshmeat) mpiomon Mpiomon is a shell script that runs as a daemon... Télécharger
tktz(freshmeat) tktz tktz will help you to guess the current time in... Télécharger
xoris(freshmeat) xoris xoris grabs the RGB color value of any pixel on... Télécharger
ldap-plugin(freshmeat) LDAP Maven Plugin The LDAP Maven Plugin allows records to be load... Télécharger
utodometer(freshmeat) UvumiTools Odometer UvumiTools Odometer is a Javascript counter wid... Télécharger
wikklytext(freshmeat) WikklyText WikklyText is a Python-based wiki and modular l... Télécharger
longstop(freshmeat) Longstop Longstop provides tools to archive to CD/DVD an... Télécharger
grocget(freshmeat) grocget grocget helps you shop for groceries faster and... Télécharger
drslooper(freshmeat) DRS Looper DRS Looper is a program for running a list of c... Télécharger
tkpile(freshmeat) tkpile tkpile grabs APM/ACPI information and displays ... Télécharger
servingxml(freshmeat) ServingXML ServingXML is a markup language for expressing ... Télécharger
phpsentinel(freshmeat) PHP Sentinel PHP Sentinel is a PHP library to make it easy t... Télécharger
gsaxmlrpci(freshmeat) Google Search Appliance XML-RPC Interface Google Search Appliance XML-RPC Interface is a ... Télécharger
ctunnel(freshmeat) ctunnel ctunnel is a program for tunneling and proxying... Télécharger
rejoystick(freshmeat) rejoystick RejoysTick maps button presses on a gamepad to ... Télécharger
dashel(freshmeat) Dashel Dashel is a cross-platform data stream helper e... Télécharger
horde-hermes(freshmeat) Horde Hermes Hermes is a Horde time-tracking application. It... Télécharger
jpdfunit(freshmeat) JPdfUnit JPdfUnit integrates PDFBox as a PDF API with th... Télécharger
switchmap(freshmeat) switchmap Switchmap is a Perl program that creates HTML p... Télécharger
gnome-mplayer(freshmeat) GNOME Mplayer GNOME Mplayer is a simple GUI for Mplayer that ... Télécharger
readahead-list(freshmeat) readahead-list readahead-list allows users to load files into ... Télécharger
taocrypt(freshmeat) TaoCrypt TaoCrypt is a portable, fast, cryptographic lib... Télécharger
shoebot(freshmeat) Shoebot Shoebot is a pure Python graphics robot: it tak... Télécharger
update-zoneinfo(freshmeat) update-zoneinfo update-zoneinfo is a utility for synchronizing ... Télécharger
planetg(freshmeat) planetGenesis PlanetGenesis is a tool that generates 16-bit ... Télécharger
kettle(freshmeat) Kettle K.E.T.T.L.E (Kettle ETTL Environment) is a meta... Télécharger
filofant(freshmeat) filofant filofant is an email archive and document index... Télécharger
libxmldiff(freshmeat) libxmldiff / xmldiff XMLDiff aims at providing efficient diffs on XM... Télécharger
xmltreenav(freshmeat) xmlTreeNav xmlTreeNav is a XML viewer with several feature... Télécharger
ikulo(freshmeat) Ikulo Ikulo is a server process which watches a folde... Télécharger
wmnut(freshmeat) WMNUT WMNUT is a dockapp program to monitor UPS stati... Télécharger
turtolcms(freshmeat) TurtolCMS TurtolCMS is a powerful, flexible Web content m... Télécharger
zoopframework(freshmeat) Zoop Zoop is an object oriented framework based on a... Télécharger
gutuma(freshmeat) Gutuma Newsletter Management Gutuma is a feature rich PHP newsletter/mailing... Télécharger
gecoder(freshmeat) Gecode/R Gecode/R is a Ruby interface to the Gecode cons... Télécharger
psl(freshmeat) Property Set Library The Property Set Library (PSL) is a template-ba... Télécharger
phpdiplomacy(freshmeat) webDiplomacy webDiplomacy (previously phpDiplomacy) is a Web... Télécharger
ipsectools(freshmeat) IPsec-Tools IPsec-Tools is a Linux port of the user-space ... Télécharger

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