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gamer(freshmeat) Gamer Gamer is a GNOME integrated, user-friendly, fro... Télécharger
xmlblaster(freshmeat) xmlBlaster XmlBlaster is XML based MOM (Message oriented M... Télécharger
tqlinux(freshmeat) TQLinux TQLinux is a Linux distribution meant to be fit... Télécharger
feed4j(freshmeat) feed4j feed4j is a feed parser library for the Java pl... Télécharger
grab4j(freshmeat) grab4j The grab4j library enables your Java applicatio... Télécharger
jgnucashlib(freshmeat) jGnucashLib jGnucashLib is an editor and Java library for a... Télécharger
mozplugger(freshmeat) MozPlugger MozPlugger is a modification of Plugger, a very... Télécharger
earth17(freshmeat) Earth17 The goal of this Earth17 is to automate the gen... Télécharger
rocksclusters(freshmeat) NPACI Rocks Cluster Tool Kit Rocks is a complete "cluster on a CD"... Télécharger
xgetc(freshmeat) xgetc xgetc is command line tool to get the geometry,... Télécharger
java-ml(freshmeat) Java Machine Learning Library The Java Machine Learning Library is a set of r... Télécharger
rancho(freshmeat) Rancho Rancho lets you easily manage projects and grou... Télécharger
grid_broker(freshmeat) Generic Grid Broker The Generic Grid Broker component acts as a met... Télécharger
tubaina(freshmeat) Tubaina Tubaina is a textbook generator that uses a sim... Télécharger
unixodbc(freshmeat) unixODBC The unixODBC project provides Unix applications... Télécharger
soht(freshmeat) SOHT SOHT (Socket over HTTP Tunneling) allows you to... Télécharger
modproxyperlhtml(freshmeat) Apache2::ModProxyPerlHtml Apache2::ModProxyPerlHtml is a mod_perl2 replac... Télécharger
boxtream(freshmeat) boxtream Boxtream is both an audio and video encoder and... Télécharger
frinika(freshmeat) Frinika Frinika is a free, complete music workstation p... Télécharger
xaraya(freshmeat) Xaraya Xaraya is a fully dynamic, multi-platform conte... Télécharger
fleaim(freshmeat) FleaIM FleaIM is a Web-based MSN messenger clone. It c... Télécharger
rsxs(freshmeat) Really Slick XScreenSavers Really Slick XScreenSavers is a GLX port of the... Télécharger
lilykde(freshmeat) LilyKDE LilyKDE is a set of tools to integrate the Lily... Télécharger
zytouch(freshmeat) Zytouch Driver Zytouch Driver is a userspace driver for USB-co... Télécharger
wxrem(freshmeat) wxRemind wxRemind is a wxPython-based front/back-end for... Télécharger
jgrit(freshmeat) JGrit JGrit is a program that converts images from co... Télécharger
osd_monitors(freshmeat) OSD Monitors OSD Monitors is a tool for those who prefer si... Télécharger
darcs(freshmeat) darcs Darcs is an advanced revision control system. I... Télécharger
fuselagefs(freshmeat) fuselagefs fuselagefs consists of a C++ wrapper class for ... Télécharger
faceservice(freshmeat) faceservice.cgi faceservice.cgi is a CGI program for detecting ... Télécharger
birt(freshmeat) Bulk Image Resizing Thing BIRT is a simple application that allows a larg... Télécharger
yespaste(freshmeat) YesPaste! YesPaste! is a pastebin application written wit... Télécharger
slurchin(freshmeat) Slurchin Slurchin is a Web interface to a Quickcam for N... Télécharger
dev9(freshmeat) Dev9 Dev9 is a Linux /dev manager. The idea is to wr... Télécharger
vaniglia(freshmeat) Vaniglia Vaniglia is a set of lightweight, specific-purp... Télécharger
pydiction(freshmeat) pydiction Pydiction consists of a Vim plugin and a Python... Télécharger
re-flex(freshmeat) relocalizable flex REFLEX (relocalizable flex) is an updated varia... Télécharger
navalplan(freshmeat) LibrePlan LibrePlan is a Web application for project plan... Télécharger
testicle(freshmeat) testicle testicle is a C++ unit test framework, choosing... Télécharger
squid-sso-nufw(freshmeat) squid-nufw-helper squid-nufw-helper is an external ACL helper fo... Télécharger
monpetitsite(freshmeat) Mon Petit Site Mon Petit Site is a Web site made to be a simpl... Télécharger
ots(freshmeat) Open Text Summarizer Open Text Summarizer is an open source tool for... Télécharger
libbonobo(freshmeat) libbonobo Bonobo is a set of language and system independ... Télécharger
onlinepasswords(freshmeat) onlinepasswords onlinepasswords is a program to store and retri... Télécharger
smansdataserver(freshmeat) Smans data server Smans server is a mobile content management sys... Télécharger
nuxeowebengine(freshmeat) Nuxeo WebEngine WebEngine is a lightweight, versatile, content-... Télécharger
sigmagrid(freshmeat) Sigma Grid Sigma Grid is an AJAX-based data grid for displ... Télécharger
acct(freshmeat) GNU Accounting Utilities GNU Accounting Utilities is a set of utilities ... Télécharger
dssh(freshmeat) Digmia Enterprise SSH DSSH was written as a direct replacement for th... Télécharger
la-library(freshmeat) LA The LA library provides a C++ vector and matrix... Télécharger
salvationfocus(freshmeat) Salvation Focus Salvation Focus is an application that encourag... Télécharger
jquery-php(freshmeat) jQuery-PHP jQuery-PHP is a package that can be used to dev... Télécharger
cssparser(freshmeat) CSSParser CSSParser is a class that evaluates a given CSS... Télécharger
mftrace(freshmeat) mftrace mftrace is a small Python program that lets you... Télécharger
poxelcoll(freshmeat) PoxelColl Poxelcoll is a library that provides easy, flex... Télécharger
lazyj(freshmeat) LazyJ LazyJ is a rapid development framework for Java... Télécharger
wmpower(freshmeat) wmpower wmpower is a Window Maker dock application allo... Télécharger
apility(freshmeat) Google APIlity The APIlity PHP Library provides an object-orie... Télécharger
phmagick(freshmeat) phMagick This class can be used to perform image manipul... Télécharger
ofxp(freshmeat) Open Forex Platform Open Forex Platform is a financial instruments ... Télécharger
pnmcurve(freshmeat) pnmcurve pnmcurve is a command line tool that applies to... Télécharger
invertm3u(freshmeat) invertm3u invertm3u is a command line utility and Java li... Télécharger
jnetpcap(freshmeat) jNetPcap jNetPcap is a Java library that is a wrapper ar... Télécharger
satchmo(freshmeat) Satchmo Satchmo's mission is to use Django to create a ... Télécharger
mod_auth_citadel(freshmeat) mod_auth_citadel mod_auth_citadel is an Apache HTTPD authenticat... Télécharger
libnetfilter_log(freshmeat) libnetfilter_log libnetfilter_log is a software library to inter... Télécharger
genpo(freshmeat) GENPO GENPO (GENeral Purpose Organ) is a program whic... Télécharger
apparix(freshmeat) apparix Apparix allows one to bookmark directories and ... Télécharger
rss4jsp(freshmeat) rss4jsp rss4jsp provides a suite of JSP tags for consum... Télécharger
helma(freshmeat) Helma Helma is a Web application framework for fast a... Télécharger
sqlzma(freshmeat) sqlzma sqlzma is a patch against lzma and squashfs tha... Télécharger
linuxlivescripts(freshmeat) Linux Live Linux Live is a set of bash scripts which allow... Télécharger
scz(freshmeat) SCZ SCZ is a set of simple, portable, light-weight ... Télécharger
c-library(freshmeat) C Library The C Library is a software library designed to... Télécharger
megablock(freshmeat) MegaBlock MegaBlock is a Tetris clone. It runs on most re... Télécharger
g3d(freshmeat) G3D G3D is a C++ library for game developers, rese... Télécharger
mochikit(freshmeat) MochiKit MochiKit is a highly documented and well tested... Télécharger
frogescape(freshmeat) Frog Escape Frog Escape is a clone of the classic Konami ga... Télécharger
xguests(freshmeat) XGuests XGuests is a program to display useful informat... Télécharger
openkm(freshmeat) OpenKM OpenKM is a document management system that is ... Télécharger
wwan-helper(freshmeat) wwan-helper wwan-helper is a script that establishes a UMTS... Télécharger
rap3(freshmeat) Rap3 Rap3 is an identity management suite with a Web... Télécharger
gxconsole(freshmeat) gxconsole Gxconsole is a monitor of system console messag... Télécharger
calife(freshmeat) Calife Calife is a small program that enable a system ... Télécharger
phpbwmeter(freshmeat) PHP BWmeter PHP BWmeter is a small set of JavaScript/PHP sc... Télécharger
folder2blog(freshmeat) folder2blog folder2blog is a minimalist blog engine based o... Télécharger
openchart2(freshmeat) Openchart2 Openchart2 is a simple charting and plotting li... Télécharger
dreambox-api(freshmeat) dreambox-api dreambox-api is a programmatic API for controll... Télécharger
bonnie(freshmeat) bonnie++ Bonnie++ is based on the Bonnie hard drive benc... Télécharger
firm_cparser(freshmeat) libfirm cparser cparser is a recursive descent C99 parser writt... Télécharger
hackerwar(sfnet) Hacker war An old browser game created when i was young. T... Télécharger
xen-shell(freshmeat) xen-shell xen-shell is a simple console program to allow ... Télécharger
libfirm(freshmeat) libFirm libFirm is a library that provides an intermedi... Télécharger
hulk(freshmeat) hulk hulk is a usable in-browser HTML editor. Runn... Télécharger
gftp(freshmeat) gFTP gFTP is a free multithreaded file transfer clie... Télécharger
veejay(freshmeat) Veejay Veejay is a visual instrument and real-time vid... Télécharger
realtimeblog(freshmeat) RealtimeBlog From your Windows Mobile device, RealtimeBlog g... Télécharger
thyrd(freshmeat) Thyrd Thyrd is an experimental, reflective, visual pr... Télécharger
httping(freshmeat) httping httping is a "ping"-like tool for HTT... Télécharger
simplecgihitcounter(freshmeat) Simple CGI Hit Counter Simple CGI Hit Counter is a self-contained hit ... Télécharger

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