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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2003-08-14 08:07


P*Wcal is a process that allows you to synchronize
the datebook and todos of Palm Pilot with Wcal. It
has multiple Palm synchronization, user
authentication to avoid illegal access to the
calendars, the ability to synchronize events and
todos, the ability to archive Palm events in Wcal,
Network HotSync® support, quick sync report in
the HotSync® journal of the Palm, and a complete
sync report in Wcal.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2010-10-23 06:10


Taru is appointment scheduler that was designed for use within a university for scheduling demo times between course assistants and students. It includes support for calendar synchronization with iCal and Google. Taru means "to be sufficient, to be enough" in Japanese and "myth" in Finnish.

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Langage naturel: English
Système d'exploitation: Linux
Langage de programmation: Python
Dernière Mise à Jour: 2001-01-30 06:14


Tobedone is a Web-based Java applet project management tool which organizes complex projects in tree structures and offers you many manipulation tools. You can give specific tasks priorities, assign them to persons, create and delete databases, give permissions to users, sort project tasks by priorities, dates, etc, and a lot more.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2006-08-31 06:56


TimeSaver is simple time management application.
It is designed to improve productivity by keeping
track of the time spent on different activities.

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