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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2005-01-25 09:34

Expresso Framework

Expresso Framework is an open standards-based J2EE architectural framework that allows the developer to concentrate on application logic. It is a library of extensible Java Server application framework components for creating database-driven Web applications based on open standards. Expresso integrates with Apache Jakarta Struts, which emphasizes presentation and application configuration, and bringing a powerful tag library to Expresso. Expresso adds capabilities for security, robust object-relational mapping, background job handling and scheduling, self-tests, logging integration, automated table manipulation, database connection pooling, email connectivity, event notification, error handling, caching, internationalization, XML automation, testing, registration objects, configuration management, workflow, automatic database maintenance, and a JSP tag library.

Dernière Mise à Jour: 2007-12-13 11:22


grsecurity is a complete security system for Linux 2.4 and 2.6 that implements a detection/prevention/containment strategy. It prevents most forms of address space modification, confines programs via its Role-Based Access Control system, hardens syscalls, provides full-featured auditing, and implements many of the OpenBSD randomness features. It was written for performance, ease-of-use, and security. The RBAC system has an intelligent learning mode that can generate least privilege policies for the entire system with no configuration. All of grsecurity supports a feature that logs the IP of the attacker that causes an alert or audit.

Dernière Mise à Jour: 2002-10-08 07:27

Usb Sniffer for Windows


Statut de développement: 4 - Beta
Utilisateurs cibles: Développeurs, System Administrators
Langage naturel: English, French
Langage de programmation: C, C++
Interface utilisateur: Win32 (MS Windows)
Dernière Mise à Jour: 2014-04-12 12:38

audit daemon

The audit package contains the user-space utilities for creating audit rules, as well as for storing, searching, and generating reports from the audit records generated by the audit subsystem in the Linux 2.6 kernel and higher. It has a real-time plugin interface for event analysis and remote logging of events.

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Langage naturel: English
Système d'exploitation: POSIX (Linux,BSD,Solaris etc..)
Langage de programmation: C, Python
Dernière Mise à Jour: 2013-10-04 07:28

Logging Framework for C

ANSI C 関数とマクロ ファイルおよび他の目的地を柔軟にログ収集を。それが妥当な限り API の近くに滞在 Java ライブラリ ( のログオン後にモデル化されます。時空間の重要な環境で使用するためのもの

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2014-01-04 00:32


Jailkit is a set of utilities to allow quick creation of
limited user accounts in a chroot jail. It contains a safe logging daemon, shells that can restrict users, utilities to start daemons in a chroot jail, and utilities for easy setup of chroot jails.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2009-12-10 18:43


smartmontools contains utilities that control and monitor storage devices using the Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.) system built into ATA and SCSI hard drives. This is used to check the reliability of the hard drive and to predict drive failures. Version 5.x is designed to comply with the ATA/ATAPI-5 specification. Future releases will comply with the ATA/ATAPI-6 and ATA/ATAPI-7 specifications. It is meant to be an up-to-date replacement for the ucsc-smartsuite and smartsuite packages, and is derived from that code.

Dernière Mise à Jour: 2008-06-15 12:20


RLog provides a flexible message logging facility
for C++ programs and libraries. It is
subscription based, meaning you can subscribe to
messages of your choice in an number of ways: by
hierarchical channel name (e.g. "debug", "debug/
special", "error", etc.), or filename, component
name, etc. Log messages are individually enabled.
It is meant to be fast enough to leave in
production code - even where it may be called
many times, as both the GCC and Intel compilers
reduce the logging overhead a few clock cycles if
they are dormant (with no subscribers). Other
add-on components can extend subscriptions to
external programs, allowing you to enable and
collect debugging messages remotely.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2004-06-01 10:12


php-syslog-ng is a front-end for viewing syslog-ng messages logged to MySQL in real-time. It features customized searches based on device, time, priority, message, and date.

Dernière Mise à Jour: 2007-07-24 07:44

PyKota Print Quota System

PyKota is a full featured, internationalized, centralized, and extensible print quota system for CUPS. It supports PostgreSQL, OpenLDAP, MySQL, or SQLite as the quota database backend. This software features most of what you might expect from a modern print quota and accounting solution. Its flexibility and configurability greatly eases its integration into your own computing environment.

Dernière Mise à Jour: 2006-07-29 08:56


Lire is a pluggable log analyzer. It has analyzers for over 25 log file formats, ranging from Apache WWW log files to iptables firewall logs and CUPS printing logs. Reports are generated in 9 different output formats, ranging from Excel 95 to PDF to HTML, optionally with included graphs.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2013-03-16 17:15


ProcMeter3 is a program for monitoring the system status and other information and displaying it in a series of graphs or as text. Most of the information comes from the /proc filesystem (cpu usage, load average , processes information, memory usage, network traffic, interrupts etc.). Other information is available for other sources (date, time, email status, log file length, disk status etc.). The program is modular and highly configurable.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2001-05-10 02:57


fireparse is an ADMLogger plugin that emails a report of all packets that have been logged by the kernel's packet filtering subsystem (iptables/netfilter
or ipchains). The report includes source and destination ports, direction, logged packet count, matched rule, and fully resolved host names (if
available). The email report can be formatted to plain text or a colored HTML table.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2012-01-21 07:12


CCZE is a robust and modular log colorizer with plugins for apm, exim, fetchmail, httpd, postfix, procmail, squid, syslog, ulogd, vsftpd, xferlog, and more.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2007-04-08 03:03

Google Hack Honeypot

"Google Hack"ハニーポットプロジェクト。 GHHは、 PHPで書かれており、検索エンジンのハッカーを誘惑するような設計のwebベースのハニーポットの開発を支援します。

Environnement de base de données: Flat-file, MySQL
Statut de développement: 5 - Production / écurie
Utilisateurs cibles: System Administrators
Langage naturel: English
Langage de programmation: PHP
Interface utilisateur: No Input/Output (Daemon)