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Trigger is a robust network automation toolkit that was designed for interfacing with network devices and managing network configuration and security policy. It increases the speed and efficiency of managing large-scale networks while reducing the risk of human error.

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hprofile is a simple way to manage profiles for
hardware configurations, network connections,
power management, usage patterns, and many other
things. A profile can define alternate versions of
any configuration (or other) file, anywhere in the
file system, and arbitrary scripts can be run when
profiles are started or stopped (e.g. to configure
hardware or start/stop services). Special support
is also included for 'boot' profiles, allowing you
to select profiles at startup and enter different
runlevels depending on which profile was selected.
It's easy to use and configure, and comes with
comprehensive documentation.

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TkMasqdialer is a client for Charles P. Wright's C-Masqdialer. It's an X11 client written in Tcl/Tk . The masqdialer system provides a user-friendly method of controlling a masqueraded dialup connection from a remote computer connected by a LAN.

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Inptools provides means to convert and reproject files in the EPANET INP format. It includes the shp2inp, inp2shp, epanet2csv, and inpproj commands. (EPANET is water supply network analysis software.)

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Langage naturel: English, German
Système d'exploitation: Linux, Windows
Langage de programmation: C, C++
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Airport Control

Airport Control is a Unix command-line utility to control an Apple Airport Base Station.

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X-ISP is a visual, X11/XForms based, user-friendly interface to pppd/chat (i.e. a dialup TCP/IP tool with an X11 interface). It is also a small ISP and phone company (PTT) database manager, and a dialup costs and usage logging/statistics tool. It provides maximum feedback from dialing and login phases on a message browser, versatility in interrupting a call in progress, a manual login terminal window, as well as call-back, and per-ISP DNS selection capabilities.

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Cntlm is an NTLM, NTLM2SR, NTLMv2 authenticating HTTP proxy. It takes the address of your parent proxy (or proxies) and opens a listening socket, forwarding each request to it (moving on in a circular list if the active parent proxy stops working). Along the way, a connection to the parent is created anew and authenticated or, if available, a previously cached connection is reused to achieve higher efficiency and faster responses. When set up, cntlm should be used as the primary proxy in your applications.

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Mpath-tools is a set of programs for Linux 2.6 (and later) that aim to facilitate load balancing and failover over multiple and heterogeneous ISP connections, it consists of four parts. Mpathd is a daemon and the core of mpath-tools; it runs in the background, monitoring the state of each connection. It dynamically updates routing tables according to the state of the gateways and enforces rules set by the administrator. Mpath is the command line control tool; it connects to a local or remote mpathd and uses the mpath-tools client library to send commands and receive responses from the daemon. Mping is a replacement for the classic ping command that takes advantage of multipath to send multiple simultaneous ping probes using different gateways. Mpwww is a realtime Web-based network monitor; it uses the mpath-tools client library to gather data and statistics from the mpathd daemon, and displays them using HTML5 canvas and AJAX.

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Système d'exploitation: Linux, Linux
Langage de programmation: PHP
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jail (Just Another ICMP Logger) is a small program which runs in the background, logging the reception of ICMP packets to the system log. This is a useful monitoring tool and can help detect attempted denials of service.

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