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SuSE-Get is a small tool for downloading packages for the SuSE
distribution from SuSE's FTP server. It is most handy when you don't
have the CDs around or are working on a remote server. It supports
searching for filenames (e.g., you can tell it to install Apache, and
it will ask whether you would like to install apache-1.3 or
apache2-2.0). It does not support dependency checking, but for
everyone who knows how to use the RPM command, it will be very handy.

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TrafficWatch is a system for accounting Internet
traffic in a residential college or school type of
environment. It consists of a set of scripts and
Web pages for accounting for each user's Internet
usage by volume, and is currently capable of
accounting for both Squid proxy traffic and direct
IPv4 traffic.

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