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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2007-08-25 16:23


The CryptoNAS project wants to bring data
encryption to the masses. It provides two
packages: CryptoNAS-Server and CryptoNAS-CD. The
CryptoNAS-Server package adds hard disk encryption
to a file server (running Samba, NFS, DAV, etc.)
without annoying its users. The CryptoNAS-CD is
targeted at users who want to set up an encrypting
file server without bothering about complicated
administration issues.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2004-08-25 09:16


leads4web is a customizable, multilingual, Web-based Customer
Relationship Management system. It includes contacts, notes, todos,
documents, and user, group, and event management.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2011-02-01 11:41


zfec is a fast, portable, and programmable
implementation of erasure coding. It includes a C
library, a Python library, and a command-line
tool. Erasure coding is also known as "forward
error correction", which is the generation of
redundant blocks of information such that if some
blocks are lost then the original data can be
recovered from the remaining blocks. The RAID-5
algorithm is an erasure code, but while RAID-5 can
recover from the loss of any one element, zfec can
be parameterized to choose in advance the number
of elements whose loss it can tolerate.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2002-10-22 00:28


Arla is a free AFS client and server implementation. The main goal is to make a fully functional client with all capabilities of normal AFS. Other implemented things are all the normal management tools and a server.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2009-02-25 11:54


Picurl is a client for uploading, downloading,
querying, and sorting files on remote stores, like
HTTP directory listings, HTML pages, FTP servers,
or Flickr photo albums. The focus of this project
is making tagging and dealing with metadata as
easy as possible.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2011-09-13 21:12

TFTP server with gui interface

This program is a TFTP server. It is intended to
run as a user-initiated program, rather than a
service daemon, and displays a GUI interface
allowing the user to stop and start the TFTP
server. It provides a simple TFTP server for
engineers to download and upload configuration
files from equipment such as routers and switches.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2001-01-30 06:12

Doblet dynamic distributed object environment

Doblet is a framework/environment to easily build, deploy, and use interactive distributed objects. It was originally intended for chat, but can also enhance interactive Web sites.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2009-06-23 20:58


The Inspector is a UPnP device and service
analyzer and debugging tool based on the Coherence
DLNA/UPnP framework. It will host the tests from
the UPnP test suite to provide a central place to
verify device implementations and hunt down any
UPnP anomalies.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2008-05-20 11:47


kPlaylist is a multi-lingual Web-based music
streaming system. It can be used as a private or
public jukebox. It uses MySQL as database, reads files as MP3, Ogg, WMA,
and others and includes a user signup tool, search
engine, user editor, personal options, personal
and shared playlists, listings of new and popular
music, a randomizing feature, and a quick way of
browsing albums. Upgrading and installation is

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2007-11-26 13:58


libdlna aims at being a reference implementation
of DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance)
standards. Its primary goal is to provide DLNA
support to uShare, an embedded DLNA and UPnP A/V
media server, but it will be used to build both
DLNA servers and players in the long term.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2005-03-23 16:28

Echomine Muse Communications API

Echomine Muse provides an easy-to-use Java API
that gives you quick and easy access to network
collaboration services. Specifically, it allows
you to communicate with Jabber/XMPP servers to
perform instant messaging and presence management.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2008-07-03 12:03


hpodder is a command-line podcast downloader
(aggregator/podcatcher). It has quite a few
features, including very easy operation,
multithreaded downloading, the ability to import
history from other programs, easy customization,
and quick setup.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2012-12-26 00:38


Forban is a P2P file sharing application for link-local and local area networks. Forban works independently from the Internet and uses only the local area capabilities to announce, discover, search, or share files. Forban relies on HTTP and is opportunistic, meaning that it replicates any files of interest seen in its proximity. The Forban protocols are minimalistic to ease the production of other implementations.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2012-01-14 02:09


Tahoe-LAFS (Least Authority File System) is a decentralized data store. It distributes your filesystem across multiple servers, and even if some of the servers fail or are taken over by an attacker, the entire filesystem continues to work correctly and to preserve your privacy and security.

Dernière Mise à Jour: 2013-08-24 10:01


openPLM is a Web-based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) application. It provides a configuration management system that manages all kind of files and data as documents in a product structure. It supports documents, parts, BOMs, part-document links, electronic signatures for objects, revision management, check in and check out for all files, plain text search using the Xapian engine, navigation between objects using Graphviz, and user management that allows sponsorship, delegation, and rights. Plug-ins are available for Thunderbird, OpenOffice/LibreOffice, FreeCAD, and Gedit.

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