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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2008-02-16 23:17


Plone は Python と Zope アプリケーション サーバー上に構築された実行可能コンテンツ管理システムです。Plone は、簡単で柔軟なしのプロジェクト、コミュニティ、ウェブサイトおよびイントラネットのための理想的な web コンテンツのシステムを示します。

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2012-09-04 14:16


Appy (Applications in Python) is a bunch of tools for developing applications using the Python programming language. The framework features two main modules: gen and pod.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2005-10-17 10:34


ACASUserFolder is a User Folder implementing the Yale CAS single-sign-on
(SSO) authentication method. It features support for Yale CAS
architectures 1.0 and 2.0, Plone support with a quick installer, POST
and GET methods handling on session timeout, a test panel for easy
setup, and online help.

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Système d'exploitation: OS Independent
Langage de programmation: Zope
Dernière Mise à Jour: 2006-06-20 00:08

Paul's Train Tracker

Paul's Train Tracker is a Web-based model
train collection inventory tracking system. It
runs as a Zope application and allows you to
organize your collection into a folder
hierarchy, storing many fields as well as
graphic images of your train items.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2002-02-21 06:33


NuxUserGroups is a Zope product that adds the
notion of groups of users. Groups provide a level
of indirection in the user -> roles mapping, which
provides greater flexibility. The groups are
defined and managed in the User Folder. They are
then used at the local roles level, where you can
define an additional mapping of groups -> roles,
thus giving the users who belong to these groups
additionnal local roles. A workgroup can be
defined simply and managed in a centralized manner.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2001-10-06 02:28

XPath Methods

XPath Methods allows XPath queries on ParsedXML XML documents (and possibly other DOM implementations) in Zope. XPath is a relatively simple but still quite powerful query language used to address portions of XML documents. When you call an XPath Method you will retrieve a set of DOM nodes which you can then display in a Web page using DTML or ZPT, or which you can issue operations upon using, for instance, Python scripts.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2003-06-26 10:58


ZShellScripts extends Zope scripting by
allowing developers to interface with other
language interpreters. It currently supports
Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Lisp, and Unix (Bash) scripts
which can be executed from within Zope with semi-transparent access to Zope's variables and objects. It is designed to
encourage people to invent new ways to deal
with Zope and its object database by providing
a common base infrastructure.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2002-11-20 11:50

CMF Forum

CMF Forum is a forum for the Zope CMF
(Content Management Framework) based on

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2005-06-18 06:47


RevistaRNC is an extension for Silva which provides functions for
educational uses. It serves as a magazine system.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2003-03-19 11:24


OOPServer is a pure Python solution for developing customised document and workflow systems. It uses Zope as Web application server, and includes an Upload-Client for integrating office or other software installed at the client.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2004-10-15 17:21


The Autotoolset package complements the GNU build
system by providing automatic generation of legal
notices, automatic generation of GNITS-standard
directory trees, a rudimentary portability
framework for C++ programs, support for writing
portable software that uses both Fortran and C++,
additional support for writing software
documentation in Texinfo and LaTeX, and a manual
introducing both Autotools and the GNU build
system in a unified task-oriented manner.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2004-04-14 07:22


Aiakos is an innovative distributed authentication
system, based on Zope and Plone. Much of the heavy
lifting is done using the LDAPUserFolder product
by Jens Vagelpohl. Aiakos allows you to provide a
central sign-on system for a network of Web sites.
All login and registration activity takes place on
the central Aiakos server. Participating sites
receive encrypted authentication packages from the
authentication server, with which they can
authenticate users.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2004-04-14 07:11


HamCannon is a Zope/Plone product for managing
outbound email marketing. HamCannon is designed
for sending ham, not spam: it has much support for
helping users unsubscribe and none for hiding from
them. HamCannon provides all of the tools required
to produce personalized email newsletters or other
email marketing, with subscription management,
open tracking, bounce tracking and link tracking,
complete statistical reporting and complete
personalization, limited only by your data.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2010-02-19 10:02


The ZODB is an object database that allows for comparably natural storage of Python objects. Its top features are transparent persistence for Python objects, full ACID-compatible transaction support (including savepoints), a history/undo ability, efficient support for binary large objects (BLOBs), pluggable storage, and a scalable architecture. The database has a proven track record for about ten years in large applications.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2003-06-12 06:22


NuxDocument is a Zope product that represents generic documents by using plugins to convert native productivity suite formats to HTML (for viewing or previewing in a regular browser) or to plain text (for indexing). With the appropriate external conversion programs, NuxDocument currently provides support for MSOffice (DOC, XLS, and PPT), OpenOffice (a.k.a. StarOffice 6), RTF,and PDF formats.

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