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ClamSAP consists of two C shared libraries that
link between ClamAV and the Virus Scan Interface
(VSI) of SAP (official name: NW-VSI). A SAP
application can use the ClamAV engine to scan for
malicious uploads in HTTP uploads, for example.

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Enhydra Shark

Shark is an extendable Java workflow engine framework including a standard implementation completely based on WfMC and OMG specifications using XPDL (without any proprietary extensions) as its native workflow process definition format and the WfMC "ToolAgents" API for server-side execution of system activities.
It has well defined client interface, as well as its internal component interface.

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Imixs Workflow

The Imixs Workflow project offers a Java based BPM framework to build workflow management systems (WFMS) in a fast and easy way. The project provides different components and sub-projects that contribute to the development of workflow solutions in any kind of Java or Java EE application. The goal of this project is to offer an easy-to-use Java based technology with a focus on human based workflow. This means that the Imixs Workflow is typically applied to human-to-human workflow applications. But it can also be used for technical business process management solutions (BPM). The Imixs JEE Workflow is a full featured Workflow Management System (WFMS) based on the JEE specification. The project extends the Imixs Workflow API project to fulfill the requirements to a scalable, transactional, robust and simple deployable Java EE Workflow System. The Project provides different service components (EJBs) to be used in any kind of BPM application.

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OpenERP is a complete business application suite. It covers CRM, accounting (analytic and financial), production management (MRP), stock management, sales and purchases management, task automation, marketing campaigns, help desk, POS, and more. Technical features include a distributed server, flexible workflows, an object database, a dynamic GUI, an XML-RPC interface, and customizable reports.

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SimpleHRM は、使いやすい直感的な手頃な価格のオープン ソース人的資源管理ソリューション中小企業世界中のです。従業員情報管理、休暇、旅行、利点、経費管理より多くのような多くの機能を提供しています。小さな会社の CEO や中規模の組織の人事機能頭かどうかは SimpleHRM の主要な設計目標は、直感的、簡単に使用できる人事管理ソフトウェア、ビジネス ユーザーを提供します。

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2011-02-22 14:52

Enhydra JaWE

Enhydra JaWE (Java Workflow Editor) is an XPDL2.1 based graphical workflow process editor fully adhering to WfMC specifications. It can be used to edit or view any XPDL file which conforms to WfMC specifications. It works with several open source and commercial workflow engines, like Enhydra Shark, WfmOpen, OBE, and OfBiz. It has participated in a WfMC interoperability demo where it was used to handle XPDLs from Fujitsu, TIBCO, and the Enhydra Shark engine.

Dernière Mise à Jour: 2014-05-22 07:49

Soffid IAM

Soffid IAM offers a complete and integrated solution for controlling access to enterprise applications. It provides you with everything you need to obtain accurate information about who uses your systems, manage the whole user provisioning lifecycle, and bring users an enhanced experience by removing the need to enter credentials every time they access your business applications. It provides a single point of audit and control for assessing data security regulatory compliance.

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Environnement de base de données: SQL-based
Langage naturel: Catalan, English, Spanish
Système d'exploitation: Windows
Langage de programmation: C++
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openPLM is a Web-based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) application. It provides a configuration management system that manages all kind of files and data as documents in a product structure. It supports documents, parts, BOMs, part-document links, electronic signatures for objects, revision management, check in and check out for all files, plain text search using the Xapian engine, navigation between objects using Graphviz, and user management that allows sponsorship, delegation, and rights. Plug-ins are available for Thunderbird, OpenOffice/LibreOffice, FreeCAD, and Gedit.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2009-09-30 17:17


JOnAS is a pure Java implementation of the J2EE specification, available in open source. It is useful to those building applications like e-commerce, e-portal, management systems, intranet application, inventory systems, reservation systems, banking applications, etc.

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A Human Resouces Management Information System,Especially for Performance evaluation.and contain all modules of humance resouces management

Environnement de base de données: MySQL
Statut de développement: 2 - Pre-Alpha
Utilisateurs cibles: by End-User Class
Langage naturel: Chinese (Simplified), English
Langage de programmation: Java, PL/SQL
Interface utilisateur: Web Environment
Register Date: 2011-08-12 12:00
Dernière Mise à Jour: 2022-01-08 22:22

TRAK Viewpoints

TRAK のアーキテクチャの観点 (アーキテクチャ ビュー第 ISO 42010 の仕様)TRAK は一般システム思考のシステム工学エンタープライズ アーキテクチャ フレームワーク。それは簡単なユーザーフレンドリーな実用的なそれに限定されません。21 の視点の合計を定義します。スポンサーの懸念のタスクを取得し、各 TRAK の視点に対応する一般的な問題をそれらに一致するすべてのタスクに必要なものが選択されます。最小限のプロセスは、全体的な TRAK 仕様で定義されます。使用可能な要素との関係は、メタモデル TRAK から取得されます。

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オープンのままに管理は、単純なまっすぐ進む web システムを管理するアカウントの公開会社の休日で撮影された従業員の葉します。それに取り組んで、php と mysql を使用して従業員 1 人あたり年の基礎となります。

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Environnement de base de données: MySQL
Statut de développement: Planification
Utilisateurs cibles: End Users/Desktop, Other Viewers
Système d'exploitation: POSIX (Linux,BSD,Solaris etc..)
Langage de programmation: PHP
Interface utilisateur: Web Environment


e-Dokyumento is a web-based Document Management System that stores, organizes, indexes, routes, and tracks electronic documents.

A document management which automates the basic office document workflow such as receiving, filing, routing, and approving through capturing (scanning), digitizing (OCR Reading), storing, tagging, and electronically routing and approving (e-signature) of documents.


1. Document routing and workflow - users can freely select the department or branch to route the document.

2. Add file links to the document- users can link or attach files to the main document. This is ideal for documents requiring attachments such as references and enclosures.

3. Add notes or comments - users can add notes or comments to the documents during routing. This is similar to manually attaching 'Post it'.

4. Annotations-managers and bosses can draw and add text into the document when correcting. Upon saving of the annotated document, he/she can return it to the originator.

5. Electronic Signature - managers and bosses can electronically sign to approve the document. Every document signed has a corresponding control number for tracking and non-repudiation. This is not a PKI-based signature but can be a good alternative next to nothing.

6. Content Searching - Files are scanned using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and indexed to allow searching of files or documents through its content.

7. Store and index multiple file format - Upload, store, and open documents with the following following format: pdf, docx, xlsx, pptx, txt, and odt.

8. Graphical monitoring of document routing - routed documents are graphically mapped through line chart and pie chart. This allows effective monitoring of office communications.

9. Edit document through mapped drive
document can be edited through mapped drive or SMB shared drive.

10. Send document to other users - documents can be sent directly to users much like an email. This is ideal for documents to be internally communicated between the staff and manager within the department.

11. Intelligent Document classification using Machine Learning

# Installation on Ubuntu Linux :

#Installation using ISO

1. Download the ISO file from

2. Login with root and p@ssword123

3. Move drive folder from /opt to root : "mv /opt/drive /"

4. During installation, delete the drive and create a SWAP and root (/) drives


Username Password Privilege Department/Branch

1. staff-marketing staff@123 STAFF MARKETING
2. manager-finance manager@123 MANAGER FINANCE
3. staff-secretary staff@123 SECRETARY SECRETARY-RECEIVING
4. boss boss@123 GM G.M.
5. boss.wannabe boss@123 EAGM ASST.G.M.

# Credit

1. node-pdfsign

2. @ninja-labs/verify-pdf

3. Tensor Flow and Keras for the Machine Learning

4. Hopding/pdf-lib

5. nisaacson/pdf-extract

6. nextapps-de/flexsearch

7. paulmillr/chokidar

8. schmich/instascan


Environnement de base de données: Other file-based DBMS
Statut de développement: 4 - Beta
Utilisateurs cibles: End Users/Desktop, Management, Government
Langage naturel: English
Système d'exploitation: Linux, OS Independent
Langage de programmation: JavaScript, Python
Interface utilisateur: Console/Terminal, Web Environment
Register Date: 2020-08-05 14:03
Dernière Mise à Jour: 2020-01-23 06:47

NagiosQL - Nagios configuration tool

NagiosQL は Nagios 2.x/3.x のプロフェッショナルで、web ベース構成ツールと他の Nagios ベースの監視ツール。それは大規模なエンタープライズ要件だけでなく、小規模な環境に最適です。任意の Nagios の機能がサポートされます。

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春には、Oracle、MySQL、PostgreSQL、火の鳥を使用して休止状態に基づく Java で書かれた Plazma ERP + CRM ソリューション HSQL データベースです。

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