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jCandle Chart Analysis

jCandle 技術的なチャート分析のための豊富なクライアントです。JCandle であなたを作成してあなたのポートフォリオを管理する各株式ポートフォリオ内のすべての見積を更新、ローソク足チャートを表示、ローソク足のパターンを分析することができます。

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Environnement de base de données: JDBC
Statut de développement: 5 - Production / écurie
Langage naturel: English, English, German, German
Système d'exploitation: MacOSX, MacOSX, Linux, Windows XP, Windows XP
Langage de programmation: Java
Interface utilisateur: Java SWT, Java SWT
Dernière Mise à Jour: 2020-02-21 07:14


jGnash は、クロスプラット フォーム個人金融アプリケーション Java で書かれました。jGnash は複数の通貨をサポートしてダブル エントリー システムです。jGnash は、OFX と QIF ファイルをインポートできます。

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2010-05-28 09:11


FinMetrics is a MATLAB-based quantitative portfolio management environment. Built on concepts of bottom-up approach to application design, it allows users to define most basic, low level building blocks, e.g. assets and transactions, to be further pieced together in higher level objects, e.g. positions or portfolios. Data analysis and statistics functions, implemented within the environment and native to MATLAB, enable users to conduct scenario analysis, stress testing, performance measurement and attribution, risk measurement and attribution, design hedge strategies, etc. The open architecture of the environment allows users to work with objects of any level, depending on their requirements and expertise. The object structure and data types are specifically designed to make integration with MATLAB and native FinMetrics functions as easy as possible. The FinMetrics user interface application and MATLAB scripting may be utilized to facilitate or automate complex and repetitive tasks, as well as extend the functionality of the environment.

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Langage naturel: English
Langage de programmation: MATLAB
Dernière Mise à Jour: 2002-06-18 23:55

mock market

mock market is a program that lets users create and track fictitious portfolios over the Web, based on stock symbols and prices from the real stock market. The package consists of a Java servlet and some Perl scripts which access a MySQL database.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2006-04-08 23:27


Ruby/Finance allows access to changing financial
data, such as currency conversion rates and stock
quotes. It is a partial port of Perl's
Finance::Quote module.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2004-02-08 19:41


MCOV (Monte Carlo Option Valuer) uses a Monte
Carlo method to estimate the value of
American-style financial options to a trader using
a particular strategy. New strategies can be
employed by subclassing strategy (and maybe day
and day-factory) classes.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2001-08-31 19:53

The Analyst

The Analyst is a Java program which extracts various bits of financial information from a publically-traded company's 10-Q and 10-K filings with the U.S. SEC, and performs fundamental analysis calculations.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2004-09-11 03:46


ProfitPy is a collection of Python packages,
modules, and scripts that work together to
help you implement an automated stock
trading program system.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2007-03-23 01:48

plausj bank_german

plausj bank_german is a Java library that provides
components for performing high-quality check digit
calculation for German bank accounts.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2001-01-30 06:12

C++ Money Class

The C++ Money class handles all functions for using decimal number monies. It eliminates problems associated with using C/C++ float or double to handle money (e.g., picking up or dropping odd cents due to rounding).

Dernière Mise à Jour: 2002-03-06 10:00


GreatCharts is used for creating good-lookings stock charts. It was
mainly developed for stock Web sites, to create on-the-fly
charts. Small charts (closing+volume) can be drawn in less than 10ms.
It can read different input formats, and can draw up to 20 charts in
one PNG with different scales. The supported types are: Closing, OHLC,
Volume, and Candlestick. The supported formulas are: Moving, Moving
Average, RSI, MACD, and Stochastic. The supported drawing types are:
line, filled, bar, and filled bars (filled can be transparant to the
background/underlaying plots). Everything is configurable through a
config file and parameters, including your own background, sizes, etc.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2007-11-26 00:01


opentick-ruby is an implementation of the Opentick API for the Ruby language. Opentick provides real-time and historical market data for trading systems and trading platforms.

Dernière Mise à Jour: 2006-03-16 06:27


PortfolioTracker allows you to track and manage
your stock portfolio of Euronext shares in real
time (with a 15 second delay). You can use it to
assess your stock positions (price, daychange,
gain, gain%, value, weight%) with one command.
Portfolio changes are easily maintained in a text
file. PortfolioTracker is a twin project of

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2006-03-27 00:35


Finance-QuoteHist provides Finance::QuoteHist, a
Perl module that provides easy fetching of
historical stock quotes from a variety of sources
on the Web. The bundle includes the underlying
site-specific modules. Reliability is enhanced
through the use of symbolic extraction provided by
HTML::TableExtract along with automatic failover
to alternate sites.

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Dernière Mise à Jour: 2005-09-01 09:01


SX watchdog (Stock Exchange Manager) helps you to
easily follow stock exchange shares. It can save
data in files and generate HTML reports over a
specific period. It is currently a command line
program, but will soon use the wxPython library
for an easy-to-use GUI.

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