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ORM (Object-relational mapping)
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!DataNucleus Java データの永続性およびデータと同様に、JDO は、JPA のフェデレーションを許可する管理プラットフォームを提供し、web サービス インタ フェース。異種データストア (RDBMS、MongoDB、LDAP、Excel、XML、!NeoDatis、JSON、ODF、!BigTable、HBase、カサンドラ) をサポートします

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DataNucleus AccessPlatform

DataNucleus AccessPlatform is a standards-compliant Java persistence product. It is fully compliant with the JDO1, JDO2, JDO2.1, JDO2.2, JDO3, JPA1, JPA2 and JPA2.1 Java standards, and provides a REST API. It complies with the OGC Simple Feature Spec for persistence of geospatial Java types. It allows access to all popular RDBMS available today, together with the MongoDB, LDAP, NeoDatis, JSON, Excel/ODF spreadsheets, XML, BigTable, HBase, and Neo4j databases.

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Ujorm is an easy-to-use ORM framework based on key-value objects. The framework was designed for rapid Java development with great performance and a small footprint. The key features are type safe queries, relation mapping by Java code, no entity states, and a memory overloading protection cache.

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Langage naturel: English
Système d'exploitation: OS Independent
Langage de programmation: Java, Java
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PhpPeanuts is a framework for developing
database-backed applications in PHP. Rather than building an application from the bottom up, you initially only build domain model classes in which you specify properties, relationships, and database table names in metadata. The framework dynamically scaffolds getters and setters, persistency, navigation over relations, and input and delete validation. The abstract user interface instantly offers a rich set of pages for searching, browsing, drilling down, editing and reporting over your domain model. From there on you extend and refine both the domain model and the user interface to make it what you want by defining specialization classes and overriding inherited methods.

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The YB.ORM library aims to simplify writing C++ code that has to deal with SQL databases. The goal is to provide a convenient interface like SQLAlchemy (Python) or Hibernate (Java). The library itself is cross-platform and supports a variety of SQL dialects: SQLite3, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, and Firebird. Integration with Boost, Qt4, and wxWidgets is built-in. In a typical usage scenario, you would describe your database schema and table relationships in a simple XML-based format, generate SQL code to populate database schema with tables, generate C++ classes, add application-specific logic to the classes, and use these classes in cooperation with the Session object to query objects from the database, create new or modify/delete existing objects, or link and unlink objects using relations. Simple serialization to XML is supported along with connection pooling.

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Environnement de base de données: ODBC, SQL-based, SQL-based, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL (pgsql)
Langage naturel: English, Russian
Système d'exploitation: POSIX (Linux,BSD,Solaris etc..), Linux, Windows
Langage de programmation: C++
Interface utilisateur: wxWidgets
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DooPHP is a very fast PHP framework. It enables developers at all levels to rapidly develop robust Web 2.0 applications. It is quite feature rich. DooPHP supports some common stuff found in a Web framework, such as an MVC-base structure, RESTful APIS, a REST client, URI routing, database ORM tools, a model generator, HTTP Digest Authentication, a flexbible compiling template engine, logging and profiling tools, and more.

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Easy Java Persistence

Easy Java Persistence (EJP) is annotation and configuration-free Java persistence with automatic object/relational mapping (A-O/RM), associations, and persistence tracking.

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ODB is a compiler-based object-relational mapping (ORM) system for C++. It allows you to persist C++ objects to a relational database without having to deal with tables, columns, or SQL and without manually writing any mapping code. The C++ code that performs the conversion between persistent classes and their database representation is automatically generated by the ODB compiler. The ODB compiler is a real C++ compiler except that instead of producing assembly or machine code, it generates portable C++, which can in turn be compiled by any C++ compiler. ODB is not a framework. It does not dictate how you should write your application. Rather, it is designed to fit into your style and architecture by only handling C++ object persistence and not interfering with any other functionality.

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OOS is a C++ object-relational mapping (ORM) framework. It aims to encapsulate all of the database backend functionality and keep it away from the user. One don't have to deal with database backends or SQL statements, nor with mapping of data types or serialization of objects. It provides an STL-like API and one container for all persistent objects - the object store.

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Catharsis.NET.Repository is a library that provides an abstraction over persistent data storages by introducing common repository pattern interfaces over popular ORM frameworks (NHibernate, Entity Framework, LINQ2SQL).

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QsT SQL Tools

QsT SQL ツール - Qt 4.6.0 に基づいて (および高い) システムを ORM 米式 QST でプログラミングのデータベースを向上させるために少しをする機能の選択、挿入、更新、削除および EXEC の単純なクエリを。[/projects/sfnet_pgsql/ PostgreSQL] は他の言語に移植することができます。

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SQLObject は、Python のオブジェクト リレーショナル マッパーです。[/projects/freshmeat_mysql/ MySQL]、[/projects/sfnet_pgsql/ PostgreSQL]、SQLite、Firebird、MaxDB/SapDB、MS SQL および Sybase をサポートしています。2.4 に戻るのバージョンの Python をサポートしています。

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JPA、休止状態、iBatis、等のための簡単な基本 DAO フレームワーク ヘルパーのテストと。

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Langage de programmation: Java
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オブジェクト リレーショナル マッピング ライト (ORMLite) 他の Orm のオーバーヘッドを回避しながら Java オブジェクトは、SQL データベースを保持シンプルで強力な機能を提供します。[/projects/freshmeat_mysql/ MySQL]、Postgres、SQL Server、H2、ダービー、HSQLDB、Sqlite、およびサポートしています。

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