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QtSDK と NI-DAQmxBase (Linux) を使った単純なサンプル

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SimplePulseGenerator_ScreenShot.png33.08 k2012-09-24 15:51:5966

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e8305f1a2012-12-08 18:31:13arakakiADD: Select ContSamp/FiniteSamp mode.
f15853f12012-11-01 20:37:02arakakiCHG: USB-621x Debugged. worked.
944f7c812012-09-24 14:02:00arakakiCHG: add label FreqScale Widget.
f07ab5c82012-09-24 13:56:55arakakiCHG: split Frequency Widget, Dial and ComboBox(scale).
1ed5db832012-08-29 17:13:46arakakiCHG: add DevName combobox Widget for selectable DeviceName.
5c8229ed2012-08-23 17:24:33arakakiADD: add README.txt
20ebf0992012-08-23 15:19:36arakakiADD: add Control (FreqDial, DutySlider) to UI.
5ed12a222012-08-23 11:02:53arakakiCHG: Worked. Pulse output on/off, and Change Freq, Duty w...
ca2a4dc12012-08-22 15:28:00arakakiDEL: genDigPulse.c
93f861bb2012-08-22 15:24:50arakakiCHG: FiniteSamps to ContSamps, and misc.
Example program for Digital Pulse Generation for QtSDK, NIDAQmxBase
Aug 23 2012

Target is National Instruments DAQ Device and DAQmxBase for Linux Driver.
I used PCI-6251 and nidaqmxbase3.6.0 for debug.

Digital Pulse is Counter output of DAQ Device.
This program is GUI application. Interactive operation pulse On/Off, change Freq Duty.

System requirements:
NI DAQ Device (M Series PCI-bus type).
NIDAQmxBase for Linux 3.6.0 or later.
ScientificLinux6.x x86, GNOME or KDE and X Window system.
  (or CentOS 6.x)
QtSDK 4.7 or later. and g++ compiler.

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