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This is a fork of Zandronum Beta for TSPG.

Révision l'heure Auteur
2a0119dfb64f tip 2021-11-22 07:38:19 Joshua Surace

Updated Git Info to Match Zandronum Latest Alpha.

bef9a71cd25d 2021-11-22 07:32:33 Joshua Surace

Repurposed cl_backupcommands so that clients can send backup commands for the server to use to perform a backtrace, even they suffer from packet loss. This means backup commands don't delay a player's input anymore.

bc71b20f4906 2021-11-22 07:23:55 Joshua Surace

Backed out changeset: 22b486393cf7
Removes: "Increase the client's ping proportionally to the number of expected backup commands."

ecc88581f001 2021-11-22 04:41:20 Adam Kaminski

Show how long a player must wait before respawning on the bottom of the screen if sv_respawndelaytime is greater than 1.

dc274d71c36b 2021-11-22 01:33:34 Benjamin Berkels

fixed a GCC warning

bab1ee78ac78 2021-11-22 00:46:16 Adam Kaminski

- A player's weapon sprites are no longer cycled while being extrapolated, but now do during a backtrace.
- Added a new member in secplane_t: "backtraceRestoreD", to save the floor/ceiling heights of all sectors before a backtrace is performed so that they're restored properly without interference due to unlagged reconciliation.

d52b8facbfb6 2021-11-21 13:28:11 Adam Kaminski

Added SCORE_SPREAD and SCORE_RANK to GetPlayerScore.

197264b0dacb 2021-11-21 09:59:59 Adam Kaminski

Fixed the vertical positioning of the "players cannot hear/talk to you" message on the screen.

1e618bd4294e 2021-11-21 09:44:14 Adam Kaminski

Fixed the announcer's "fight!" sound from not playing at the start of a round.

ed05c5ac9a2c 2021-11-21 08:17:03 Adam Kaminski

Fixed being unable to spy on enemy players while playing a client demo.

030ef0c65694 2021-11-20 23:54:51 Adam Kaminski

Added "cl_useskulltagmouse" which restores the old mouse movement from Zandronum 3.0 and earlier.

fb87f3720612 2021-11-20 13:07:16 Adam Kaminski

A player's tics and crouch state should always be restored when performing a backtrace now.

d9c3c27e9572 2021-11-20 07:54:03 Adam Kaminski

A client's backup commands are now cleared whenever they change cl_backupcommands.

272303b85997 2021-11-19 23:23:35 Adam Kaminski

Moved some code from P_Ticker over to SERVER_HandleSkipCorrection.

ed48c3edd000 2021-11-19 21:39:38 Adam Kaminski

Keep track of any specials the player executed during extrapolation so that if they execute the exact same special during a backtrace, the server can simply cancel the execution.

e4b0ce5c2498 2021-11-19 10:44:25 Adam Kaminski

A backtrace is no longer aborted because the player took environmental damage.

edb7d56d1e52 2021-11-19 10:40:05 Adam Kaminski

Backed out changeset: e59c29f7a11b
Removes: "Don't let players activate a thing's special by bumping into or using them while being backtraced."

9bfb03354b9e 2021-11-19 10:39:45 Adam Kaminski

Backed out changeset: 6efa764c923f
Removes: "Don't perform a backtrace on a player who activated any specials during extrapolation."

5faea5011638 2021-11-19 10:32:27 Adam Kaminski

A backtrace will now always succeed, and a position check is now done before a backtrace is perfomed to decide whether or not it's safe to proceed. This also means the player's actor flags don't need to be changed before or after a backtrace anymore.

dc7e9ebffc2e 2021-11-19 10:13:13 Adam Kaminski

Don't let the skip correction not process two movement commands in a single tic for a client anymore.

ca984c417a9c 2021-11-19 09:43:09 Adam Kaminski

Got rid of sv_extrapolatetics and sv_backtracethreshold, and changed sv_smoothplayers into an int CVar so hosts can still choose how many tics to extrapolate.

47147ff6a81e 2021-11-19 09:26:31 Adam Kaminski

Backed out changeset: efc0e1e15b4b
Removes: "Have the server notify the clients about any changes to the skip correction's settings."

73e154db9c3c 2021-11-18 01:23:03 Adam Kaminski

"sv_shootthroughallies" and "sv_dontpushallies" now also apply to friendly actors.

35bec45566a7 2021-11-17 23:37:40 Adam Kaminski

Fixed old backup commands still being pushed into the client's tic buffer after it was reset.

bcc88ca3cbcc 2021-11-17 08:14:36 Joshua Surace

Updated Git Info to Match Zandronum Latest Alpha.

b33ea1fe1c5b 2021-11-17 02:05:46 Adam Kaminski

Made a minor cosmetic change to the backtrace code.

6cbb1ed40ba3 2021-11-16 15:14:06 Adam Kaminski

Don't let players activate a thing's special by bumping into or using them while being backtraced.

74384acc4d8e 2021-11-16 15:11:22 Adam Kaminski

Don't perform a backtrace on a player who activated any specials during extrapolation.

0ba9c079cc23 2021-11-16 13:06:26 Adam Kaminski

Stop SetPlayerClass from choosing random players if they're supposed to be forbidden.

5d4d4eba5345 2021-11-16 12:46:37 Adam Kaminski

Fixed SetPlayerClass not checking for invalid players, and not informing clients about a player's new class.