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XML catalogue of packages which are available for installation, using the mingw-get installer.

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Révisionl'heureAuteurMessage: RSS
2b5b17242019-10-14 02:23:04Keith MarshallGCC update to address MinGW-Issue #39639; link with libic...
44ebeae02019-10-13 21:38:06Keith MarshallUpdate to accommodate C++11 deprecation of "auto_ptr".
c9977c182019-07-07 01:47:38Keith MarshallPublish MinGW.org WSL-5.2.2 package set.
c6fc5df22019-07-05 06:20:45Keith MarshallCorrect -Wformat handling of "%hhn" for __mingw_format__.
ee9ea3ba2019-04-30 03:13:49Keith MarshallCorrect a package name typo.
4af103802019-02-11 20:42:19Keith MarshallPublish binutils-2.32 package set.
a8ec08d82019-02-08 07:46:41Keith MarshallCorrect a typo, of omission, for obsolete gcc-4.8.1.
0f5b8e1c2019-01-23 02:15:45Keith MarshallPublish MinGW.org WSL-5.2.1 package set.
f4c62dc02019-01-15 05:31:51Keith MarshallRepublish binutils-2.31.1 and gcc-8.2.0 package sets.
a8cecb4f2018-12-31 20:54:59Keith MarshallAdd a missing package affiliation.

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