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FinalCrypt - The No¹ One-Time Pad Encryption

Release Files

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finalcrypt_apple_installer_x64.dmg89.17 M2021-02-10 12:38:083
finalcrypt_apple_portable_x64.zip79.29 M2021-02-10 12:38:041
finalcrypt_windows_portable_x86.zip72.04 M2021-02-10 07:11:023
finalcrypt_windows_installer_x64.msi77.99 M2021-02-10 07:10:102
finalcrypt_linux_portable_x86.zip90.73 M2021-02-10 07:10:071
finalcrypt_windows_installer_x64.exe54.08 M2021-02-10 07:09:512
finalcrypt_windows_portable_x64.zip77.97 M2021-02-10 07:08:542
finalcrypt_linux_installer_x64.deb66.06 M2021-02-10 07:07:452
finalcrypt_linux_installer_x64.rpm91.45 M2021-02-10 07:06:532
finalcrypt_sourcecode.zip4.32 M2021-02-10 06:59:211

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FinalCrypt - The No¹ One-Time Pad Encryption

FinalCrypt uses unbreakable One Time Pad File Encryption designed to withstand the most serious Brute-force and Spyware attacks. The graphical user-interface with logging and command-line interface combines maximum ease of use and professional automation of encryption and reporting

The built-in automatic One Time Pad key generator allows usage whithout the hassle of manual key creation where users no longer need to be security experts to use it

The FinalCrypt key generator well exceeds the FIPS 140-2 & RFC1750 key quality standards making OTP Encryption unbreakable

Capitalism and Big Tech found a new billionsindustry by spying on us from our privately owned Internet connected devices. Disk Encryption offers no protection from Spyware after you unlock your drive, which is where only FinalCrypt's unbreakable file encryption can protect you from spyware

Besides FinalCrypt One Time Pad Encryption isn't publicly available because governments use it them selves when maximum security is required, which comes at a relatively high price requiring a unique equally sized key file for every encrypted file


Email: info@finalcrypt.org

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