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2e50db222013-12-18 04:02:02Elliott HughesFix pppd to build with both old and uapi headers. Bug: 1...
6c569d212013-07-24 09:18:35Colin Crossuse stable NDK android/log.h header instead of cutils/log...
45a0ef392013-04-10 13:51:11Ying WangAdd liblog Bug: 8580410 Change-Id: I89a92f329d721a07a2ae...
079f295e2012-11-17 04:27:29Ben Chengam fc562d20: Merge "Get rid of strlcat / strlcpy" * comm...
fc562d202012-11-16 15:21:09Ben ChengMerge "Get rid of strlcat / strlcpy"
d415ebef2012-11-16 13:52:51Nick KralevichGet rid of strlcat / strlcpy Android already has a versi...
8527dca82012-11-16 09:12:12Nick KralevichGet rid of strlcat / strlcpy Android already has a versi...
e644c9d22012-05-07 03:43:59Jean-Baptiste QueruMerge "Android.mk: enable pppd on non-arm platform"
38fcc9292012-03-11 17:05:43Chih-Wei HuangAndroid.mk: enable pppd on non-arm platform Change-Id: I...
ab046ff12011-11-05 07:26:57Chih-Wei Huangenable pppd on x86

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