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Mamoru Sakaue / MwGhennndo
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2011-01-10 17:09
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Mar 2000: Acquired Ph.D. in theoretical applied physics from Osaka University.
Jan 2000 - Mar 2001: Special researcher of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.
Apr 2001 - Mar 2003: Special Postdoctoral Researcher of RIKEN (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research).
Apr 2003 - Mar 2004: Researcher of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).
Apr 2004 - Mar 2007: Researcher of Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
Apr 2007 - : MwGhennndo (private business).

I was engaged to theoretical physics on quantum dynamics of solid surfaces by means of analytical and computational methods. This research was carried out by composing Fortran and shell script codes on unix-like systems.

From 2003, I switched my computer life to FreeBSD system and aquired sufficient knowledge on open-source systems for doing the all daily business and private work only be FreeBSD. From 2006, I started a private project for developing an email server system which implements a new junk mail filtering mechanism based on white lists and authentication.

The server system is being developed as a software package for installation/administration of an integrated internet server system for personal and enterprise businesses. This project is still in the phase of closed development. The first release is planned to be shipped as an open-source software at least partially.


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freebsd5 yr - 10 yr
linux6 Mo - 2 yr
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openbsd< 6 Mois
c2 yr - 5 yr
fortran> 10 yr
アセンブリ言語> 10 yr
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javascript2 yr - 5 yr
php2 yr - 5 yr
perl2 yr - 5 yr
python< 6 Mois
ruby< 6 Mois
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フィルタ2 yr - 5 yr
www/http2 yr - 5 yr
物理学> 10 yr
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