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Révision l'heure Auteur Message:
8bcb9cc 2021-03-11 22:28:22 Koine Yuusuke(koinec) master Update FreeBSD port for ver 0.9.0.
1f82bcb 2021-03-11 22:20:21 Koine Yuusuke(koinec) Move SrcTree to ./todocmd dir for create FreeBSD-ports / ...
f47fb8f 2021-03-11 22:05:56 Koine Yuusuke(koinec) Update ver 0.9.0
dd8a5a0 2021-03-10 22:44:34 Koine Yuusuke(koinec) Fix add task for default task list when specified with no...
58929cc 2021-03-08 21:55:26 Koine Yuusuke(koinec) Create port files for FreeBSD.
74b3844 2021-03-08 20:55:30 Koine Yuusuke(koinec) Check exist default TaskList before Add/Move/Delete/Compl...
389301f 2021-03-07 22:46:11 Koine Yuusuke(koinec) Create LICENSE file for FreeBSD-ports.
1598103 2021-03-07 22:34:38 Koine Yuusuke(koinec) Fix library version.
aea9d9c 2021-03-07 21:42:39 Koine Yuusuke(koinec) Fix Version.
2f3e194 2021-03-07 21:21:44 Koine Yuusuke(koinec) * git regist libtool / automake macros.


Nom Révision l'heure Auteur Message:
master 8bcb9cc 2021-03-11 22:28:22 Koine Yuusuke(koinec) Update FreeBSD port for ver...

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