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Fanbox downloader

Release Files

Nom de fichierTaillel'heureTélécharger compter
fanbox_down-1.0.0.tar.gz18.02 k2023-02-04 12:39:152
fanbox_down-1.0.0.zip19.49 k2023-02-04 12:39:152

Recent Commits

Révisionl'heureAuteurMessage: RSS
272258362023-02-04 18:53:41supercellFix dirname_reaplce_reserved not changing anything str.r...
48045a182023-02-04 12:24:30supercellFix invalid path names Since this creates directories ba...
943c26ac2023-01-31 11:39:01supercellAdd the ability to resume downloads This was tested in 2...
419f1e6a2023-01-31 11:36:05supercellChange the remaining "in-place" logging Use the custom "...
6a888d702023-01-31 09:16:54supercellChange LOG_FILENAME fallback Use the XDG_STATE_HOME envi...
10b751892023-01-31 09:07:55supercellUpdate version info
6ff658892023-01-31 08:41:32supercellMention configuration in README Forgot to mention this a...
2fbd31b52023-01-31 08:24:37supercellFirst implementation of continuing downloads This inadve...
cc897bc52023-01-03 11:07:58supercellv1.0.0
0de719812023-01-03 11:04:16supercellUpdate README fanbox_down is pretty well done. Bugs may...

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