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CLI interface to medialist (fossil mirror)

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A CLI program for managing a "personal media list".


To build medialist-cli, you need a D compiler and either GNU Make or dub. 
By default the provided Makefile will use the GDC compiler, this can be
changed using the "DC" environment variable.

For more information on installing, see the INSTALL file.


To create a new list:
  medialist-cli create <list-name>

To add a new item to a list:
  medialist-cli add <list> <title> [-s|--status STATUS] [-p|--progress PROGRESS]

To print the contents of a list:
  medialist-cli show <list> [-n|--numbered] [--show-headers]

To update an item in a list:
  medialist-cli update <list> <id> [-t|--title TITLE] [-s|--status STATUS]
                                   [-p|--progress PROGRESS]
                                   [--start-date DATE] [--end-date DATE]

DATE is in the form: YYYY-MM-DD.

To delete an item from a list, or a list entirely:
  medialist-cli delete <list> [<id>...]

The "delete" command will delete the list unless at least one ID is supplied.
You can find the ID by running:

  medialist-cli show -n

The ID is the line number.

To export a list:
  medialist-cli export [--type TYPE]

  TYPE is either JSON or HTML.

To import a list:
  medialist-cli import <list.json>

Additionally, a manpage is provided upon installation:
  man 1 medialist-cli


Copyright (C) 2021, 2023 dawning.

Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification, are
permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright notice and this
notice are preserved.  This file is offered as-is, without any warranty.

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