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07ed08512016-12-16 08:43:58night1ynxFix errors in PHP 7.0+
4e83f57b2014-05-06 08:12:18mikoXSS脆弱性の修正
c1e6d7032013-01-19 09:08:43miko2ufor PHP5.4 (internal hex2bin)
a2083e102011-12-17 10:43:47miko2uXSS脆弱性の修正(JVN#76515037)
731628a32010-10-15 10:46:23miko2uAdded jquery.tools.min.js
662cb0912010-10-15 00:44:31miko2uCleanup
c8d177782010-10-15 00:30:49miko2uAdded jquery 1.4.2
7ffec3642010-10-13 23:59:26miko2uREQUIRE: mbstring (and Drop "mbstring.php")
761469b22010-10-12 09:55:44miko2uMerge Official CVS and Plus! extended tracker
89928dad2010-08-03 23:06:11miko2uFor BugTrack/203.
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