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Comparing performance of a task queued to an existing thread vs. new thread for each task.

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l'heure2017-04-04 08:49:33
AuteurEric Hopper <hopper@omni...>
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Put instructions on how to run in README.md

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diff -r 4c2376781ab2 -r 55a9fdf10c98 README.md
--- a/README.md Mon Apr 03 16:45:36 2017 -0700
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66 [https://github.com/cameron314/readerwriterqueue](https://github.com/cameron314/readerwriterqueue).
88 This is a git subrepo, so you will also need git to check it out.
10+To run this on a system with make and a program that calls itself g++ and
11+accepts g++ flags, just type `make`.