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Launch Thread Performance

Comparing performance of a task queued to an existing thread vs. new thread for each task.

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6fda31d72017-11-28 10:53:14Eric HopperI'm wrong. You don't need hg-git after all. Back it out.
5fc438bf2017-11-28 10:50:55Eric HopperMentioning needing hg-git in README.
be5c4a1b2017-09-01 03:07:52Eric HopperMake magnitude of numbers more easily compared by setting...
409f9b962017-06-03 09:47:40Eric HopperAdd in system for selecting subset of tests.
76283aa82017-06-03 09:47:21Eric Hopperauto return type not supported for lambda in C++11.
55a9fdf12017-04-04 08:49:33Eric HopperPut instructions on how to run in README.md
4c2376782017-04-04 08:45:36Eric HopperAdded a Makefile so people could just run make to get res...
38cf800e2017-04-04 06:12:29Eric HopperUse git repo directly instead of through hg-git.
e809e7062017-03-24 06:22:53Eric HopperAdd a README to explain what this is about.
61272ca02017-03-24 06:15:58Eric HopperIgnore what I've currently called the executable.

A simple little program to test various ways to call functions to see how much overhead they introduce.

One way is to have a worker thread and communicate to it with a queue. For this I use the lock-free queue implementation from https://github.com/cameron314/readerwriterqueue.

This is a git subrepo, so you will also need git to check it out.

To run this on a system with make and a program that calls itself g++ and accepts g++ flags, just type make.

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