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Release Files

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onedrive-picker-android-master.zip1.39 M2020-02-17 09:14:204

Recent Commits

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3d5226142017-10-27 23:50:01android-build-team RobotMerge cherrypicks of [3134552, 3130583, 3131953, 3131954,...
7d47ed702017-10-27 23:48:02Lorenzo ColittiDon't expect stopOffload to succeed if interface doesn't ...
6f11e9842017-10-23 11:35:04android-build-team RobotSnap for 4411005 from d97f8714f07a762efe5a48747454fb4bdd5...
d97f87142017-10-20 18:33:40Erik KlineFixup netlink socket creation to make corresponding fix i...
bd20194b2017-10-19 15:15:47android-build-team RobotSnap for 4404534 from a555e04f8c37db86c5016218d5b7ab37ccc...
a555e04f2017-10-19 08:57:54Sanket PadaweFix VTS test which turns off radio. am: 536818d17a am: 34...
340619c72017-10-19 08:56:12Sanket PadaweFix VTS test which turns off radio. am: 536818d17a Chang...
536818d12017-10-19 08:41:05Sanket PadaweFix VTS test which turns off radio. Since the purpose of...
fe1889be2017-10-18 16:22:41android-build-team RobotSnap for 4402249 from b70f1bda1f34fd63a9c9f5ad8307c8677a2...
b70f1bda2017-10-18 12:35:42TreeHugger RobotMerge "Add REQUEST_NOT_SUPPORTED / SIM_ABSENT for vts tes...

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