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The MinGW.OSDN Installation Manager Tool

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b6fec4cd2020-06-25 06:29:21Keith MarshallStreamline the installation procedure.
30cd69612020-06-24 02:15:25Keith MarshallDelete an unnecessary duplicate function call.
1c523d482020-06-24 02:01:47Keith MarshallEliminate invalid comparisons of "this" with nullptr.
f32b58682020-06-23 06:11:25Keith MarshallDo not dereference nullptr in package directory trees.
3615999b2020-06-22 23:10:29Keith MarshallIgnore spin wait requests with no designated referrer.
f3a84d222020-06-22 19:44:57Keith MarshallSupport options interpretation from an unborn options obj...
5b2d42972020-06-22 06:54:25Keith MarshallDeclare functions as void when return value is immaterial.
2e5e8d502020-06-21 20:31:36Keith MarshallEnsure non-void functions always return explicit values.
510797132020-06-21 04:44:58Keith MarshallSimplify numeric argument interpreter function.
42d3a9b42020-06-19 22:39:05Keith MarshallAccommodate C++11 string constant conflation limitations.

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