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Testcase generation tool for combinatorial interaction testing

Release Files

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日本語解説と入力サンプル.zip4.33 k2020-05-18 11:36:426
inputsamples.zip1.54 k2020-05-18 11:35:120
guide1.10.pdf35.29 k2020-05-18 11:34:207
cit-bach1.10.jar409.83 k2020-05-18 11:34:072

Recent Commits

Révisionl'heureAuteurMessage: RSS
b71808842018-11-09 16:49:58t-tutiyaMerge pull request #50770 (tallman/cit_bach/master into m...
f4d33ce92018-09-22 02:52:22tallmanadd testcase move inputsamples and change encoding MS932 ...
9a5fb23c2018-09-22 01:16:36tallmanchange source file encoding MS932 to UTF-8. add launch fi...
cdeab9182018-09-22 00:56:15tallman- add pom.xml - change folder format to maven layout - re...
fd3041822018-08-22 15:32:09Tatsuhiro TsuchiyaSmall but critical bug was fixed
9a57fefe2018-07-27 13:39:53Tatsuhiro Tsuchiyafind forbidden pairs
8a74ddae2018-07-27 13:35:25Tatsuhiro TsuchiyaCreate new program to find forbidden pairs
694443eb2017-05-15 16:51:25t-tutiyaI have copied the CIT-bach project.
dfb9b32a2016-03-24 14:24:11t-tutiyaVersion 1.10 - Support arithmetic comparators: ===, !==, ...
1182938a2016-02-19 18:16:33t-tutiyaCorrected CVS processing. (It is only used for processing...

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