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2017-05-16 14:19
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  2. The Decision expressly requires all network service providers in China that provide website access services; handle Internet access formalities for fixed telephones, mobile telephones, and other means of Internet access; or provide information publication services to users must require their users to provide real identity information when concluding service agreements or accepting provision of services.
  4. 百度网盘对外发布公告,称应国家相关政策法规要求,自2017年6月1日起,使用互联网服务需进行帐号实名认证。
  5. Baidu Pan (Baidu Cloud Network Disk) publishes announcement to the public,
  6. according to nation's corresponding policy and law requirement,
  7. since 1st June 2017, anyone who uses internet service must
  8. be subject to account real name authentication.
  10. 公安部:行业内部人员已成为侵犯公民个人信息的重要犯罪主体
  11. department of public security: industry insiders have become important subject of crime who
  12. infringes citizen's personal information.
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