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b2730c3a2019-08-23 10:25:15watanabyVer.1.5.39 Fixed link error
b026bce62016-07-15 10:51:55watanabyVer.1.5.38
a24dc3112016-07-04 11:41:42watanabyadded a null pointer check in alarm
5a567e802016-06-27 09:58:11watanabyat make clean, emacs-autosave is removed
0cf3537f2016-06-19 17:09:57watanabyVer.1.5.37 Modified code to prevent DB inflation
162203c22016-05-06 12:57:59watanabyVer.1.5.36 relpaced signal function.
385f71902015-10-19 10:32:58watanabymodified comments
13b1939a2015-09-14 14:37:49watanabyVer.1.5.35 Modified comments
5ff652e22015-08-10 16:47:07watanabyMerge branch 'master' of git.osdn.jp:/gitroot/opengate/op...
9e8acdfc2015-08-10 16:41:12watanabyVer.1.5.34 Fixed CLang warning and others

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