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Voice data server for navigation voice changer app.

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dc02d8922018-01-25 14:13:37HMMLFix error class on creating voice preview.
ea7dcf0f2017-11-11 17:00:12HMMLUpdate docker deploy setting.
2bf6ecb42017-11-11 16:53:59HMMLFix nokogiri dependency.
5400ca612017-11-11 16:45:02HMMLHandle error on audio preview generation.
679644ac2016-10-05 21:51:11HMMLChange to use release branch.
f16de13a2016-10-05 21:48:29HMMLFix raty asset path.
89ced2bb2016-10-05 21:33:47HMMLUse asset path for images.
cc305fbd2016-10-05 21:32:49HMMLAdd docker deploy settings.
744bd5302016-10-04 01:21:00HMMLFix client side validations.
cdd711e32016-09-29 23:18:43HMMLAdd puma server.

Data server for Android navigation voice changer

Data server/uploader for Android navigation voice changer implemented with RubyOnRails 4.


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