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TinyWinSpyOff is a tiny blocker of Windows tracking and telemetry written in plain C++/Win32 API. Just run once as admin and forget. No questions asked. No harmful actions performed like other Windows spying blockers try.

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Webのプロジェクトです。 動的なサイトを作成し、情報管理などをします。 また、APIを作成し、情報の提供や、処理を行います。

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An opensource OpenWrt variant for mainland China users.

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Initial release to community
Please report all concerns at my telegram channel

ShriOS is an archlinux based operating system.

ShriOS comes with cinnamon desktop and lightdm desktop manager.

ShriOS is just very close to default installation without any modification.

ShriOS uses kernel capability to load ntfs partitions, ntfs-3g is

no more installed by default however you are free to install it.

Chaotic repository enabled by default.

Additional software like Google chrome can be installed

with chaotic repo through pacman or pamac gui.

Based on arch linux

Default Cinnamon Desktop Environment

Default LightDM Desktop Manager

Complete Desktop Experience
Completely Customizable

Offline installation

Online Installer Available for more options
Vanilla OS

No Bloatware

Calamares Installer

Pre installed apps in ShriOS are:

Nemo - File manager

Pamac - Software manager

File roller - Archive manager

Xviewer - Image viewer

Mpv - Media Player

Cheese - Camera

Xed - Text editor

Foxit reader - PDF reader & annotator

Chromium - Web browser

Gnome terminal - Terminal

Gnome calculator- Calculator

Gnome screenshot - Screeen shot

Simple screen recorder - Screen recorder

uGet - Download manager

Transmission - Torrent manager

Youtube-dl - Youtube videos

Gnome disks - Disk manager

Grub customizer - Grub customizer

LightDM Settings -Desktop manager

Seahorse - PGP key manager

Timeshift - System backup

Stacer - System Monitor

Hardinfo - Hardware Monitor

Gnome System Monitor - Info on system resources usage

Baobab - Disk space analyzer

You can install virtualbox without any hassles.

Please Note: Right now it is under TEST phase.

Also Note: ShriOS is 3 months young baby.

Your reviews are more than welcome.

thank you Community

thank you Testers

thank you Archlinux

thank you Cinnamon

thank you Gnome

thank you Calamares

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i dont know yet I havd just started this for the hell of it but i like finding the loop holes in things especially in life.

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A python racing and betting game in which icons from all over the world (with random names, colours and shapes) compete for your entertainment, and you bet on who wins. Watch turtles beat arrows and arrows beating turtles; watch icons from the world over racing for you to bet on them! Feel the thrill of betting on a horse race on your PC. This game does not even need a tutorial to be played properly; you simply have to make sure you have python 3.5 or above installed, and then just open and enjoy!

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This is an lineageos based custom ROM that originated in Japan.

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アローダイアグラムを作成するソフトウェアを作ります。 世の中の仕事を回していくのにアローダイアグラムを書くことは最適です。 すなわち世に資するプロジェクトです。

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Convert long integer to String (ISO 8859)

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= Unofficial repository for Arch Linux =

Wiki index: https://osdn.net/projects/azul/wiki/TitleIndex

How to install azul repository: https://osdn.net/projects/azul/wiki/How%20to%20install%20azul%20repository

Content of the repository: https://osdn.net/projects/azul/storage/

Gitlab page: https://gitlab.com/azul4

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