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AlterLinux is an ArchLinux-derived OS that has been developed by customizing archiso. Japan's first "ArchLinux-derived OS developed in Japan". Equipped with Xfce4, which is uniquely customized to the standard desktop environment, enables easy operation. It can be installed easily with the GUI installer. All settings such as network and disk can be done with GUI, making it the best OS for migration from Ubuntu and other sources. Since the repository is shared with ArchLinux, you can use the latest packages and use the rich information of ArchWiki as it is. Development is performed by FascodeNetwork (formerly SereneTeam), which also handles SereneLinux, and it is the best OS that developers with abundant experience and technology are particular about making it easy to use for all users.

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Livrée : 2020-05-25 00:10
Lxde-JP 20Q1.3.0 Beta3 (6 files Cacher)

Notes de release



Issue-47を修正 Issue-51を修正 Lxde版でLXDMを削除 Issue-71を修正

ライブ環境でsudoなどのパスワードが不要に Issue-48を修正 Issue-42を修正 xorgドライバーを追加 ライブ環境でのディスプレイマネージャを追加 Snapパッケージのサポートを追加 ZSHを強化 ファイアウォールを追加 Issue-85を修正 Issue-86に対応するコードを追加(修正されたか不明) GUIの起動方法をLightDMに変更 この修正によりIssue-43とIssue-64が改善されたはずです