OSDN site description for developer logo OSDN provides wide range of services necessary for open source development/publishing, free of charge. You can also use OSDN for publishing data such as open-source-related documents and fonts.

Démarrage rapide du développement de open source

PersonalForge description logo For those of you who "wish to have a quick and easy start on web-based development/management of the open source code that you have on hand", OSDN provides a support function for personal development called "PersonalForge". On "PersonalForge", by creating a "Chamber", you will be provided with all the necessary functions for source code management and file distribution. Unlike a project, there won't be a collaboration tool, but the great thing about it is that without any wait time for preliminary inspection, users can create as many chambers as they wish for development.

Gestion de code

You can use one of Git/Subversion/Mercurial(Hg) for source code management system. You can also fork from other repository sites (such as SourceForge.net and GitHub) to start.

Gestion de fichiers

PersonalForge provides file managing features to publish files you've created. You can manage files from file manager which operates on Web.


There's a built-in Wiki system for document management. Chamber's main page works like a Wiki which allows flexible editing.


There's a ticket system for managing bug reports and various tasks.

Créer une Chambre

Créons un projet pour démarrer le développement

Project description logo To start open source software development, you will need various tools for managing source code and development data , publishing software, managing documents, working with other developers and users, and so on. So OSDN provides the following tools necessary for development.

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Gestion des codes

For source code management, our system supports Git, Subversion, Mercurial(hg), and Bazaar. Git, mercurial, and Bazaar allow you to work on multiple repositories, so you can manage the source by dividing it into multiple repositories assigned with different purposes.

File Release

With file release feature, you can distribute software you have created. Released files will be automatically reflected to mirror servers for speedy downloads.


Ticket system for managing and tracking bug reports and various tasks


Built-in Wiki system for document management that allows PDF generation


You can post project news

Project Web

Free web space area is available for publishing any content. You can also use Dynamic system like CGI, and DB.

Forum et liste de diffusion

Community tools such as web forum and mailing list allow smooth collaboration among multiple developers. You can create multiple forums and mailing lists to assign different purposes.

Statistiques et histoire

Data such as Number of downloads and PV are automatically summed up. You can also see the result displayed in graphs. You can also view events that have happened within a project in chronological order.

For more details, read OSDN Services and About OSDN.

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