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This is software for operating a gateway that can be used to download OpenPGP keys with tracking protection.

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Create an environment to run HSP from the web and distribute it in various ways

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This is a terminal calculator with a remarkable twist.
It uses symbolic differentiation to provide a numerically
precise error estimate with each calculated answer.

It mimics the functionality of an HewlettPackard Reverse Polish Notation [RPN] calculator simply because I like RPN. But along with your answer, you get some measure of its trustworthiness. Runs on PCs or laptops running Windows or Linux.

The output of this calculator has been tested against my interval calculator, that uses interval arithmetic, which is very much more complex. The results and error estimates are completely consistent. Reference:

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ASUD is a sudoku assistant tool designed to help with manually solving Sudoku puzzles.
It handles routine tasks so you can focus on more advanced puzzle solving strategies.

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PDFをインメモリに読み込んで軽快に目を通す 怪しげな無法ソフト 寄付歓迎

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SvarDOS is an open-source project that is meant to integrate the best out of the currently available DOS tools, drivers and games. DOS development has been abandoned by commercial players a very long time ago, mostly during early nineties. Nowadays, it survives solely through the efforts of hobbyists and retro-enthusiasts, but this is a highly sparse and unorganized ecosystem. SvarDOS aims to collect available DOS software, package it and make it easy to find and install applications using a network-enabled package manager (like apt-get, but for DOS and able to run even on a 8086 PC).

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特許明細書チェックツール "明細書Lint" の配布用プロジェクトです。

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AutoClicker2 Record Play
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Open source mouse auto-clicker to record, edit, import, debug, and playback the whole sequences of mouse clicks with 5 mouse buttons. Advanced fork of frozen or proprietary apps like opautoclicker.com, sourceforge.net, autoclicker.io, autoclicker.org, macrorecorder.com, remouse.com, etc.

Official site & all the downloads: https://federicadomani.github.io/AutoClicker2-Record-Play/

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OSushi Linux
dernière mise à jour: 2023-06-18 15:28

--Maximum usability for programmers Tomoya2011, a 6th grader, has created a new homebrew OS (Linux). Its name is "OSushi Linux". It is a domestically produced Linux for programmers, and development can start as soon as it is installed on a PC. The name comes from "Sushi". Sushi is a typical and very tasty Japanese food. However, it is said that it takes about 10 years to become a craftsman who makes such sushi. I chose this name in the hope that a programmer as amazing as that would be born in Japan. Based on the reflection of the previous Timple OS, it will be a very easy-to-use OS! (It should be).

Announced on June 18, 2023 Mid-July 2023 Development starts Early 2023/08 Scheduled for release

Please look forward to it!

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