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Fork of the OpenJDK project to enhance the Xrender backend for faster antialiased rendering. This is achieved by uploading the coverage masks by deferring protocol generation.

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Fuse filesystem in Linux. Such as NTFS, Brtfs, ZFS. We can use Fuse driver to mount these filesystem in linux as folders. In some case, we can mount some distributed filesytem in local machine.

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just a simple JavaScript project.
It is simple example of the VisitCard site with some smart elements on it.
No magic, just pure JS without any additional frameworks

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Manjaro Linux Community Editions.

Releases of Manjaro Linux with alternative Desktop Environments and Window Managers.

Maintained by Manjaro Team Members.

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Scientific tool malleable best use of Nintendo 2DS & 3DS series hand held electronics & were to start ?

build a "C" Graphics Device Interface that is non-amplified? An easy use api geared towards "device context handles" programing they will ?

"Then it's 3D in the 2DS Nintendo advertisements ... "
((strereo &or holo) graphics)
(photo realistic)

& the people of the Nintendo republic cried to their gods ...

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Its a game on android for learning arabic through simple games. The platform will use a cross development framework and will document the guidelines so that new games can also be developed

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SilentVNC is a program based off Ultr@VNC and is designed to be hidden and silent starting and installing from view on the machine it runs on.Web interface.

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Raster image management and display software backed by a remote or local database.

Client: Desktop/Windows (.NET C#)
Backend: PostgreSQL (can be only any O/S supported by PostgreSQL)

TLS connection between backend and clients is supported.

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