Announcement Regarding New File Release Mirrors Set Up in the US and Germany
2015-12-09 15:03 (by sado)

We proudly announce the two new mirror sites that were set up in the US and Germany, for OSDN's file release system.

All the files that were released through the use of file release system of OSDN's projects and chambers are mirrored by mirror servers that are managed by organizations who are in cooperation with OSDN's open source activities, and users who want to download these files will get them from one of the mirror sites.

Before this announcement, bound by various restrictions, the mirror servers were set up by cooperative organizations only in Japan. But now, in order to respond to the download accesses made to open source projects who are globally active, we have come to set up mirror servers outside of Japan for the first time in OSDN's history (including the predecessor period) since 2001.

The organizations who manage the newly setup mirror servers are as follows.

OSDN will continue to keep looking for new mirror servers around the world to further support the activities of global open source projects.

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