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Development source code repository of gimp-painter-2.8 is moved to github(https://github.com/seagetch/gimp-painter).

You can download binary files of gimp-painter- same as before.

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Livrée : 2007-11-04 21:53
gimp-painter 2.4-sig-20071029-1 (1 files Cacher)

Notes de release




- GRAY SCALEでの正常動作化
- レイヤでの扱いの修正(gimp-painters-とは挙動が異なります)
- "レイヤ結合色"サポート (gimp-painters-より移植)
- "Hidden Color"サポート (gimp-painters-より移植)
- "Remove Color"サポート (gimp-painters-より移植。ただし、"Hidden Color"="white"のみ)
- "Invert Pressure"サポート
- "Delayed-Mixing"サポート (gimp-painters-より着想を得てパラメータを簡単化して実装)


2007-10-29 Souichi Takashige
- Switch base gimp source from 2.2.17 to 2.4.0 (and 2.4.1).
- Fix blending function on drawable with alpha channel.
- Add "Remove Color" option : Another implementation for drawable with alpha channel. User can select from "normal" layer operation or "remove color" operation.
- Add "merged color" option : pick-up canvas color from image->projection.
- Add hidden color compensation for drawable with alpha channel.
- Add "Invert Pressure" option : invert pressure which is used on mixing picked-up color.
- Switch internal color management from guchar to GimpRGB : GimpRGB solves all problems about rounding error problems, and simplifis the algorithm.
- Add delayed-blenging algorithm. (taken from 071104, but algorithm and parameters are simplified.)
- Optimize delayed-blending algorithm using fixed-size pooled storages. (from traditional malloc based implementation.)