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内部でshapelib, proj4など使用しています。

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Livrée : 2004-12-14 03:17
gpx2shp 0.65a (1 files Cacher)

Notes de release

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by Petter Reinholdtsen
- Add configure script etc.
- Get rid of some warnings about loosing the 'const'-ness of the
- Remove unused include <math.h>.
- Add include to find prototype for geod_set().
- Fix handling of output filename, to make sure it handles
'./foo.gpx' (used to give random filename).
- Correct the prototype of closeFiles().
- Add files in debian/ to make debian package. This is just a
framework, and need more work. The package description and a lot
of the support files are from the dh-make package, and should be
edited or removed. To build the package, run debuild from the
devscripts package.
- Solve some memory leaks and complaints.

by Toshihiro Hiraoka
- Restruct directory
- Add many prototypes etc.