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Description du projet

Mysaifu JVM is a free Java virtual machine for Windows Mobile.

Système requise

System requirement is not defined

Livrée : 2008-02-02 23:26
Mysaifu JVM 0.3.5 (1 files Cacher)

Notes de release

- Implemented java.nio.FileChannel.lock() method.
(It only works on Windows Mobile 5.0 or later)
- Bug fixes.


- FIXED:JVM crashes when apply array object to instanceof instruction. (Bug #11769)

Package java.awt
- FIXED:ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException occurred in Image.setPixels().(Bug #11771)

Package java.io
- FIXED: ObjectStreamClass checks serialVersionUID of array object.(Bug #11734)

Package java.nio
- Implemented FileChannel.lock(). It only works on Windows Mobile 5.0 or later (Feature Request #7497)