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ChBg is for changing desktop backgrounds in a given period. It can render images with 10 modes (such as tiled, centered, scaled, etc.). It uses Imlib1, Imlib2, or gdk_pixbuf for loading images, so it supports many image formats. ChBg has a windowed setup program, is able to load setup files, can be used as slideshow picture previewer in its own window or as a desktop background, and can be used as screensaver or as an xscreensaver hack. It has a dialog for fast previewing of pictures and very usable thumbnail previews.

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2001-01-30 15:12 Retour à la liste release

Un nouveau modèle à trois niveau de composition de créer une image de fond basé sur les carreaux de fond avec ombrage en option dans la couche de fond, sur les photos régulièrement rendus en Smart ou en mode Center dans la couche moyenne, et sur les photos bannière rendu en mode intelligent dans la couche supérieure . Cette version contient également un appui pour le positionnement libre de l'image en mode puce.
A new three-level composition model of creating a background picture based on background tiles with optional shading in the bottom layer, on regular pictures rendered in smart or center mode in the middle layer, and on banner pictures rendered in smart mode in the top layer. This version also contains support for free positioning of the picture in smart mode.

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