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Custom is an E-Commerce system providing Ordering
and Invoicing, Stock, Supplier, and Catalogue
Management. Easily customisable, it is written in
Python for use as CGI scripts (under Apache or any
other Web server) with a simple example site and
example database. Custom is intended as a modern
replacement for Sage.

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2003-01-04 20:26 Retour à la liste release

Un rapport des ventes moyennes / système de prévision a été ajouté. Cela représente en moyenne des ventes à partir de la base de données, offrant ainsi un moyen d'évaluer quels produits sont les plus susceptibles d'aller en rupture de stock avant que cela arrive réellement.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
A Sales Report averaging / prediction system was added. This averages out sales from the database, thereby providing a means to assess what goods are most likely to go out of stock before that actually happens.

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