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Description du projet

milter manager is a milter to use multiple milters effectively.

If milter manager is introduced, milter manager administrates milters instead of MTA. The has some advantages:

  • reduce milter administration cost
  • combine milters flexibly

Système requise

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Livrée : 2016-11-21 17:29
milter-manager 2.1.0 (1 files Cacher)

Notes de release

A bug fix release of 2.0.9

Move to OSDN from sourceforge.net

See https://milter-manager.osdn.jp/

We are using following features on OSDN:

  • Web site
    • Redirect to milter-manager.osdn.jp from milter-manager.sourceforge.net
  • File release
    • We've already copied all released contents to OSDN
  • Mailing list
    • We will not transfer accounts automatically
    • We will not transfer mailing list archives
  • News
    • sourceforge.net does not have this feature

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* Add Ubuntu Yakkety (16.10) support

milter manager

  • Boot automatically after reboot the CentOS7 host
  • Fix milter-greylist default config file path for pkgsrc request by OBATA Akio#99

milter client

  • Fix the bug that milter cannot run with --n-workers=1 or more

milter serever



  • OBATA Akio
  • Yuto Hayamizu
  • Horimoto Yasuhiro


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