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Description du projet

RebornOS is a distribution based on Arch Linux.

It starts as an Antergos bifurcation, offering more options during its installation, based on the Antergos cnchi installer, using the latter's repository, and one of its own.

Once the development of Antergos is finished, RebornOS becomes an independent distribution, no longer depending on the Antergos repository, but on its own repository (besides, of course, the Arch Linux repositories).

It currently offers a cnchi-based installer, which works without problems, while developing its own installer: Fenix.

Système requise

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  • RebornOS-2019.11.04-x86_64.iso(Date: 2019-11-04, Taille: 1.71 GB)

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Livrée : 2019-11-09 13:20
2019-11-09 (2 files Cacher)

Livrée : 2019-11-04 22:55
2019.11.04 (2 files Cacher)