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Livrée : 2005-05-09 15:01
scim-anthy scim-anthy-0.3.2 (4 files Cacher)

Notes de release

Overview of Changes from scim-anthy-0.3.1 to scim-anthy-0.3.2
* Fixed a bug that the 10th candidate on the lookup window can't be selected by
direct selecting key. To enable this, please clear previous setting
("/IMEngine/PRIME/SelectCandidates10Key" in ~/.scim/config).
Thanks to UTUMI-san and DAIRIKI-san.
* Fixed some clash bugs. Thanks to DAIRIKI-san.


2005-05-09 Takuro Asie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* configure.ac: Version-0.3.2.

2005-05-09 Takuro Asie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* src/scim_anthy_prefs.h: Fixed typo.
Thanks to UTUMI-san & DAIRIKI-san.
* src/scim_anthy_preedit.cpp: Fixed some clash bugs.
This patch is contributed by Ryo Dairiki <ryo-dairiki@mbm.nifty.com>.
Thanks reporting.