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Livrée : 2006-02-02 12:34
scim-canna scim-canna-0.2.0 (1 files Cacher)

Notes de release

Overview of Changes from scim-canna-0.1.3 to scim-canna-0.2.0
* Add preferences for initial input mode.


2006-02-02 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* Version-0.2.0.

2006-02-01 Hiroyuki Ikezoe <poincare@ikezoe.net>

* src/configure.ac: append AC_SUBST(LIBTOOL_EXPORT_OPTIONS) for
preventing "@LIBTOOL_EXPORT_OPTIONS@: No such file or directory"

2006-01-31 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* configure.ac: Bump version number.

2006-01-31 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* src/canna_jrkanji.cpp, src/scim_canna_imengine.cpp,
Add preference for initial input mode.
* po/ja.po: Update.

2006-01-31 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* src/scim_canna_imengine.cpp: Call reset() on focus out.

2005-11-09 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* src/scim_canna_imengine_factory.cpp:
Add package name and version into authors text.
Thank you for your notifying > Masatake YAMATO <jet@gyve.org>

2005-11-08 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* src/scim_canna_imengine_factory.cpp: Add help.
* po/ja.po: Update.

2005-09-26 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* AUTHORS, src/scim_canna_imengine_factory.cpp:
Change order of authors list.

2005-09-01 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* src/canna_jrkanji.{cpp,h}, src/scim_canna_imengine.cpp,
src/scim_canna_imengine_factory.{cpp,h}, src/scim_canna_prefs.h:
Add on/off key.

2005-08-31 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* src/canna_jrkanji.cpp: Fix indent.