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Livrée : 2006-07-29 20:52
scim-anthy scim-anthy-1.2.0 (1 files Cacher)

Notes de release

Overview of Changes from scim-anthy-1.0.0 to scim-anthy-1.2.0
* Add pseudo ASCII input mode. It enables users to enter ASCII letters during
Japanese mode. Thanks Akira TAGOH for your patch.
* Enable reconversion feature on non-GTK+ application (It's a ad-hoc solition).
Thanks Takashi Nakamoto.
* Enable to choose behavior on focus out.
* Add predict key into some key bindings themes. Thanks Ikuya Awashiro.
* Try EUC-JP-MS first when convert characters from Anthy to Unicode.
* The bug that direct select keys doesn't work during predicting has been fixed.
Thanks TAGOH, UTUMI, Bando for your report.
* Fix some wrong entries in Romaji tables. Thanks Jun Oizumi.
* Fix a bug that commited clauses aren't cleared when the learning preferenece
is disabled. Thanks Jun Oizumi.


2006-07-29 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* configure.ac: Version-1.2.0.

2006-07-25 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* src/scim_anthy_factory.cpp: Raise priority of "pseudo ascii mode
cancel" key.
* src/scim_anthy_imengine.cpp: Ignore key event without relation
at AnthyInstance::action_cancel_pseudo_ascii_mode().
* src/scim_anthy_prefs.h: Add "Escape" into

2006-07-25 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* src/scim_anthy_imengine.cpp: Insert a half space on pressing space
key during pseudo ascii mode.

2006-07-24 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* src/scim_anthy_setup.cpp: Hide dictionary encoding option.

2006-07-24 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* src/scim_anthy_conversion.{cpp,h}, src/scim_anthy_factory.{cpp,h},
src/scim_anthy_imengine.cpp, src/scim_anthy_preedit.{cpp,h},
src/scim_anthy_prefs.{cpp,h}, src/scim_anthy_reading.cpp,
src/scim_anthy_setup.cpp, src/scim_anthy_setup_romaji.cpp:
DIC_ENCODING -> DICT_ENCODING. And fix compile time warnings.

2006-07-21 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* src/scim_anthy_prefs.{cpp,h}, src/scim_anthy_setup.cpp:
EUCJP-MS -> EUC-JP-MS and set default encoding as EUC-JP-MS.
* po/ja.po: Update.

2006-07-20 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* src/scim_anthy_conversion.{cpp,h}, src/scim_anthy_factory.{cpp,h},
src/scim_anthy_imengine.cpp, src/scim_anthy_preedit.{cpp,h},
src/scim_anthy_prefs.{cpp,h}, src/scim_anthy_setup.cpp:
Add "Encoding of dictionary" preference to improve
interoperatability with Microsoft Windows.
* src/scim_anthy_key2kana_base.h: Fix compile time warning.
* po/ja.po: Update.

2006-07-18 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* src/scim_anthy_prefs.cpp: Fix some messages.
* po/ja.po: Update.

2006-07-13 Akira TAGOH <at@gclab.org>

* src/scim_anthy_action.{cpp,h}, src/scim_anthy_factory.{cpp,h},
src/scim_anthy_imengine.{cpp,h}, src/scim_anthy_kana.{cpp,h},
src/scim_anthy_key2kana.{cpp,h}, src/scim_anthy_key2kana_base.h,
src/scim_anthy_nicola.{cpp,h}, src/scim_anthy_preedit.{cpp,h},
src/scim_anthy_prefs.{cpp,h}, src/scim_anthy_reading.{cpp,h},
src/scim_anthy_setup.cpp, src/scim_anthy_setup_romaji.cpp:
Enable to enter space during pseudo ASCII mode.

2006-07-11 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* data/Makefile.am, data/tsuki-2-203-101.sty,
data/tsuki-2-203-106.sty: Add "tsuki" layout. Thanks Tatsuki Sugiura.

2006-07-11 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* src/scim_anthy_imengine.cpp: Enable reconversion feature on non-GTK+
application. But it's a ad-hoc solution.
Thank you for your patch > Takashi Nakamoto

2006-07-10 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* src/scim_anthy_conversion.cpp: Fix a bug that scim-anthy never
switch to conversion mode when the auto prediction feature is enabled.

2006-07-04 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* src/scim_anthy_factory.{cpp,h}, src/scim_anthy_imengine.cpp,
src/scim_anthy_prefs.{cpp,h}, src/scim_anthy_prefs.h,
src/scim_anthy_setup.cpp: Add a preference to choose behavior on
focus out.

2006-06-26 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* src/scim_anthy_setup.cpp: Fix indent.

2006-06-26 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* src/scim_anthy_preedit.h: Fix some comments.

2006-06-18 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* src/scim_anthy_conversion.{cpp,h}, src/scim_anthy_imengine.cpp,
src/scim_anthy_preedit.{cpp,h}: Add an arguemnt to Preedit::clear()
and Conversion::clear() to specify segment_id to enable partial clear.
It is needed for commiting without learn. Thanks Jun Oizumi for your

2006-06-17 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* src/scim_anthy_imengine.cpp: Fix a typo in a comment.

2006-06-02 Ikuya Awashiro <ikuya@oooug.jp>

* data/msime.sty: Add predict keys.
* data/wnn.sty: ditto.
* data/canna.sty: ditto.

2006-06-01 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* data/atok.sty, data/msime.sty: Fix some wrong entries in Romaji
table. Thanks Jun Oizumi.

2006-05-31 Takuro Ashie <ashie@homa.ne.jp>

* src/scim_anthy_imengine.cpp: The bug that direct select keys didn't
work while predicting has been fixed. Thank you for reporting >
TAGOH-san, UTUMI-san, Bando-san.

2006-04-10 Akira TAGOH <at@gclab.org>

* src/scim_anthy_factory.{cpp,h}, src/scim_anthy_imengine.cpp,
src/scim_anthy_key2kana.{cpp,h}, src/scim_anthy_key2kana_base.h,
src/scim_anthy_preedit.{cpp,h}, src/scim_anthy_prefs.{cpp,h},
src/scim_anthy_reading.{cpp,h}, src/scim_anthy_setup_romaji.cpp:
Add pseudo ASCII input mode.