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TT 5.0 becomes unstable after selecting multiple files in ZMODEM send dialog

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Windows 10, TeraTerm 2023.10.15 (Ver 5.0), connecting by serial at 460800 baud.

File -> transfer -> ZMODEM -> Send

In the file dialog I select two files (left click on the 400kB one "02 something long filename like 80 chars.bin", ctrl+left click on small 300 byte one "00 something long filename like 80 chars.bin"). Giving TT back the "00.." file first and "02..." second.

Usually both files are successfully sent to the host (OK), although the progress bar dialog is weird.

Progress bar weird description (minor bug): the first ~300 byte transfer is very fast, so I don't see the dialog by eye (not sure if it displays or not at all). The progress dialog which I do manage to observe by eye has already name of the big "02" file. At this moment the host does not yet respond with "accept" answer, it is erasing the flash-rom chip for about 2-3 seconds, but the progress bar is filling up to 100% already (bug) (with 0 bytes sent reported = ok). Then host sends "accept" and progress bar restarts from zero (ok). Then the transfer proceeds correctly (ok).

When I select only single big file for transfer, the progress bar during flash-erase pause stays at zero and the TT is waiting (ok).

Unstable bug after selecting two files (main bug): Sometimes TT will "just close" right after the two file transfer, sometimes it will stay open and work as terminal (echoing text host sends over serial), but then when I select File/transfer/ZMODEM/Send again, it will close completely (instead of opening file dialog). I did open ttermpro.exe from powershell to see if there is some crash/error report on stdout/stderr, but there is no output, it "just closes" silently.

Feels to me like selecting more than one file will cause some internal memory corruption and depending on what exactly gets overwritten the TT crash/exit sooner or later. Maybe multi-file selection is enabled in ZMODEM by accident? (the ZMODEM protocol can process batch of files, so it would be nice-to-have feature, but not essential and limiting file dialog to single-file select (like File/Send) would probably work as quick fix, in case it's not obvious what is crashing and why).

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